The album brings you into the theme that will be displayed throughout the whole album right at the start. This album is inspired by the anime show “Initial D” and the first track features a band called “M.O.V.E.” which has made music for the show “Initial D”. Initital D is a anime show about street racing. This album and most of Xavier Wulf music give off the atmosphere of a anime show.As if you pay attention closely a anime show is created in your mind especially since Wulf goes into detail about what is going on.

This first track is the theme song of the anime show wulf is creating called “Project X”.Since this album is inspired by “Initial D” one of the main themes in it has to do with cars and street racing.The second and third track are upbeat in your face raw Xavier Wulf bangers to get you hype the fuck up with skits from the show “Initial D”. The fourth song “1st Summer Night” is one of my personal favorite tracks on this album.This song is about a girl that Xavier falls in love with through a conversation about cars and after the conversation end, he just can’t stop thinking about this girl.Then one day he rides up to the mountain with some friends and she was there on top of the mountain in her car.

The fifth song “The Wulf Of Akina” is a really mellow track.The type of track to ride off into the sunset while listening to it. The ride off into the sunset continues with this next track “240s In The Sunset” which is a beautiful relaxing colorful instrumental.The story with the girl continues with the seventh track “Date Night” where Xavier receive a text from the girl that says see you at the mountain at nine.This song is about their date on the mountain in their 240s and them riding around the mountain together.Now we’re on to the eighth track on the album which is my other favorite song on the album.This song is called “The Cost” which is painted in dark colors and has a more depressing tone than the other tracks which seemed a bit more colorful.This track is just Xavier expressing his feelings and his thoughts on life and everything that is going through his mind at the time.This song is basically the sad scene in this show.

The end of this show is here with the track “Pedal To The Metal” which is Xavier riding and reflecting on everything that has to happen in this show and he comes to the realization that he is no good for this girl and she is way better off without him.Now the show is over and we’ve reached the last song which is the background music for the credits.

This album is a very interesting street racing love story.This was a unique project and enjoyable to listen to all the way through.This album has great lyrical content/references, great storytelling, powerful emotion, and good beat choice.Tracks were placed perfectly and I love how the vibe switches up.The first track and the last track were the theme song and the ending credits.The second track and the third track were the bangers.The fourth track and the seventh track was about the girl.The fifth track and the sixth track was a calm ride off into the sunset.The eighth track was dark and personal.The ninth was all of it together.I would give this album a 9 out of 10.

Album Review written by Vander Linden