This was one of the first bands to peak my interests in hardcore. The Banner is a hard hitting Gothic hardcore band from New Jersey. Front man Joey Southside not only delivers his vocals like a satanic beast out of hell, but he also composes most of the music him self. His art work is also something worth mentioning because its how i discovered the band in the first place. It was an occult styled silhouette of a hand with a missing finger and an esoteric symbol in the palm that possessed me to ask the kid wearing the shirt where he got it. He told me he got it at a hardcore show and the name of the band was the Banner. I immediately checked out the band on myspace and fell in lust with doom & gloom, fist throwing, hardcore music that ultimately changed my life forever. But over the years no hardcore band ever moved me like this band did. In a world where bands like to copy each other because people prefer not think for them self’s, this band stands apart. Their sound simply cannot be emulated unless you have walked in Joey’s shoes. And that would be kinda hard to do being that he has rises strait out of hell.
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