The Armiger – “Sword Swallower” is a pretty gnarly video. Goes to show that the little guy has the heart of a lion if pushed the distance. “Sword Swallower” was released around 3 months ago. Video was produced by Outlander Productions, which is based out of Austin Texas. Location of the shoot was at The Music Ranch. An Austin gem of a venue that welcomes even the oddest of musician and artists.
The Armiger is a band from California that made its way to Austin Texas to hammer out their tunes. They are doing a pretty good job at it so far, I might say. Pretty cool dudes too. These dude shred some amazing pit and party music. You might want to catch them perform wile they are still local. You wont be disappointed or DISRESPECTED YO!!
“Sword Swallower” starts off pretty basic. Basic is always good. Then gets you wondering why this guy is going to, what seems to be… A junk yard, that inhabits a musical jungle of madness. Bodies are moving and people are getting shoved. Its a whirlwind of awesome. Then all of a sudden… The lost guy gets caught in the mix with Mark “Make It Happen” Turner. A standoff begins, then at the drop of the beat… Well you got to watch the video to get the whole ordeal. This music video is simply Epic. So proud to have these guys in Texas now. – Gabe Zapata