This band has been a favorite of mine since I was 16 years old and I am extremely happy to be doing this review.
If you are not familiar with these guys you need to be. Misery index is from Baltimore, Maryland. They have seen a few line up changes since the incarnation in 2001
but the current line up is Jason Netherton – bass guitar, lead vocals, Mark Kloeppel – guitar, vocals, Adam Jarvis (Fuck Yeah) – drums,
Darin Morris – lead guitar.

The album begins with “Urfaust”. It’s a track that incites you to listen futher and adds a little studio magic leading into 
an onslaught on drums brought to you by Adam Jarvis (fuck yeah) in track number 2 titled “The Calling”. Intricate riffs and 
some devastation on drums go hand in hand with the malevolence of Jason Netherton’s vocals. This track is a close second of mine
on the album but we’ll get to that in a minute. This track is pretty heavy and about 3 minute into it begins to soothen with some
riff play and picks up once again fading into the next track “The oath”.

“The oath” opens with some soft melodic chord with a slight palm mute then is interupted by my favorite track entitled “Conjuring the Cull”.
This songs begins with some slight delay inciting you to get pumped for what’s to come. This track is an excellent example as to
why the Misery Index will be one of the greatest death metal bands. The sound itself i just a roar of instruments and it drives
you to move. The structure of this song is so solid and leads into the fifth track “The Harrowing”.

“The Harrowing” starts with some shrill shredding and beastly blast beats and completely grabs you when the vocals add the mixture.
This is another example of the insanely brutal minds of Misery Index. The structure is flawless and does not falter from start to
finish. Now for the title track of the album, “The Killing Gods”. It starts with ominous chanting and some melodic riffs. The drums start to
pound adding just a bit more heaviness and then the darkness ensues. The villainous vocals combined with the dark riffs and
heavy beat just ties it together perfectly. This is probably the heaviest track on the album in my opinion but you need to take
a listen for yourself.

“Cross to bear” is probably going to be the biggest pit crazy song off this album. The intro forces you to move with the right 
amount of drums and riffs. It’s just the perfect mixture and from then on it just gets more and more demanding. Misery index does
not dissapoint one bit throughout this title and they do not ease up at all. I’ve come to believe that Adam Jarvis (fuck yeah) is
an android sent to melt faces.

“Gallows Humor” has the best intro of this album in my opinion. This song reminds me a lot of Misery Index’s earlier stuff.
This song has the signature structure and the riff work is very playful compared to their heavier stuff but does not take away
from the theme of the track itself. This track has my favorite breakdown of the album as well that leads into an amazing solo segment from
both guitars and drums.

“The Weakener” starts off very slow but then grabs you by the throat and refuses to stop pummeling you. It has a pretty interesting
tempo and I feel it’s new to Misery Index’s work but they crush it. “Sentinels” starts with brutal riffs and fast drums and 
is pure hatred from start to finish. “Colony Collapse” does not relieve the hate and heaviness of the previous tracks and continues to 
bombard you with destruction from Adam jarvis and intense solos from both guitars that lead into a very heavy breakdown.

“Heretics” closes this masterpiece of an album with some quick and short riffs followed by a little bass solo and shredding then continues with
a barrage from Misery Index. This song has one of my favorite solos from them. It’s got a twist to the classic death metal feel. The Killing gods is
one of the best albums I have heard in a while and The Misery Index do no fail to deliver at all. I highly recommend you buy this album album and checking them

Check out the full album on their Bandcamp
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