Thanks for taking some time for an interview. Would you like to introduce your self to our followers?

Thank you for the interest, Brett. I am Trevor Phillips, founder and guitarist of Feign. The rest of the lineup consists of Devin Sockwell doing vocals, Drake Eckhart on bass, and Patrick Hoey on drums. I would introduce our second guitarist, although we have been having trouble keeping a consistent one, so let’s leave that blank.

Were you guys in other bands before Feign got started?

Yes, all of us were a part of a band or two in some way before this band began. Nothing that got far enough to be worth noting, although I would be lying if I said any of us would be where we are today if it weren’t for those bands helping us learn and grow as musicians.
How difficult was the hunt for a guitarist and bassist in the beginning, and what other lineup changes did you guys go though?

In all honesty, I think the hardest thing we’ve had to do with this band is get a (permanent) lineup going. One of the main reasons for this is because the band started as a two piece, Reagan Crownover and I. After we had released the track “Fiend” and gave it some time, I realized I wanted this to be a band. I then began to hold tryouts for every position, basically (this is how I met up with Patrick Hoey). We went through quite a few until I had decided to let two of my talented friends join in on bass and second guitar. We’ve had several lineup changes since then on all; guitar, bass, and vocals. There may be two “original” members in the band as of now, but our current lineup is the strongest it’s ever been and we have no intention on it changing anytime soon.
Your first show as feign was with Call To Preserve on their Final tour, Dead Icons, and Dynasty. How much progress have you made since then?

Yes, looking back, it is truly crazy how much we’ve grown both inside and outside of the band. So much has changed and improved from each of us. None of us have been a part of anything this big musically before, and we had no idea when we began that people would enjoy our material as much as they have. Everything and everyone that helps/has helped us do this in any way are very appreciated. We have learned a lot, but still have a long way to go.
Are there any individuals that get bragging rights for helping Feign get to where it is now. Any body help you out in a big way?

I will say both our first guitarist Andrew Moreno, and also our producer Robby Joyner are due some credit, they’ve both helped us in big ways musically, and their efforts are greatly appreciated. Drew Glover with Beheading the Traitor, and Jason Frazier with Begotten Media 
What would be the dream tour for Feign? What bands do you guys want to go on tour with the most?

I can’t speak for the rest of the guys, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin on the huge list of bands I would personally love to tour with.
Although, if I had to choose (out of both alive and dead bands), I would probably have to say: Desolated, Demolisher, Harm’s Way, Hosanna, Those Who Fear, Frontlines, TLTSOL, Jerome, Impending Doom, and The Acacia Strain.
We Are Triumphant Records put out a split Nu-Metal Cover Sampler. Originally it was going to be Immoralist, Dealey Plaza, and Extortionists. How did Feign end up on it?

Soon before we had received an email, we had noticed this as well.
Several days before it’s release, we had received an email from WAT in interest of adding our “Dig” cover to the CD.
I decided in best interest of the band, to agree and go ahead and let them add it to help get our name out. While we are not signed to WAT, we are very appreciative of them doing this with us and helping us.

Do you guys have any plans on signing to a label?

In mid-June, we are filming a showcase for a record label, yes.
There are rumors that you are coming out with a new Music Video?! Is there any truth to this?

Besides the film for the showcase, we currently have no official dates to shoot a music video, but we will be filming one for a track from the upcoming CD “The New World Order” a bit closer to it’s release.
Is there anything else you would like our following to know? Any thing of importance that we missed?
We just want to thank everybody for their support and again, anybody that’s helped us in some way. It’s very much appreciated.
We are currently waiting to get back into the studio to begin tracking the second half of “The New World Order”. The CD is planned to have nine tracks, and I personally believe it’s already sounding like a huge step from our first EP “False Hope”. No release announced, but I will say it’s expected to be released late 2014/early 2015. Expect a bunch of new stuff from both inside and outside the music coming sooner than later, and we are trying our best to get on the road as soon as we possibly can! Feign is going stronger than ever.


Trevor Phillips