Abiotic is a technical death metal band based out of Miami, Florida. They released their debut album “Symbiosis”, via Metal Blade Records. After three years of extensive touring and writing they introduced “Casuistry” to the world, their crushing sophomore album. They are now touring to support this great new release.
Over the Labor Day weekend I was attending The Hoodang Festival in Austin, Texas. Day two of the festival Abiotic was playing after their set I grabbed Travis here is what he has to say.
Abiotic is:
Travis Bartosek: Vocals
Johnathan Matos: Guitar
Matt Mendez: Guitar
Alex Vazquez: Bass
Brent Phillips: Drums

Can you introduce yourself to the readers?
I am Travis Bartosek and I do vocals in Abiotic.
How and when did you guys become a band?
They became a band in about I think it was 2010 or 2011 and then I am not sure how everything came to be. I know in 2014 I got a phone call to tryout for the band and then after a couple of tryouts I ended up landing the spot, which I was really happy about.
The new album is fantastic what was the writing process like?
Uhm when I join the band they actually had the entire album written and they just said “hey write vocals to it” and so I sat in my room and wrote vocals and I wrote all the patterns and I recorded with a buddy named Nick and sent it over and they liked it. And then we flew out to North Carolina and recorded with Jamie King at The Basement Studios.
What is your favorite thing to do off tour?
Go to the gym and watch Hockey.
Is it hard adjusting back to regular life when tour is over?
Yeah, kinda I think like the hardest thing is coming back and you forget the world doesn’t stop spinning. When you’re on tour like when you come back all your friends have grown up more, they have their own experiences and like sometimes you do distance yourselves. You don’t mean to but it tends to happen that’s like the hardest part you forget that when you come home it doesn’t stop because you’re gone.
If you could play in any power metal band which band would it be?
What bands growing up inspired you  to write music?
Whitechapel they’re my favorite band, actually. A lot of Dimmu Borgir; Behemoth I was really big on Vital Remains when I was younger and then as I continued to grow up a lot of The Ghost Inside and Stray From The Path and Stick To Your Guns. Like those bands helped me get out of like just being a metal vocalist and trying to be like an all around perfect, I guess frontman. And Set Your Goals, I love that band.
What is your dream tour with you guys on the bill?
We would open it would be Whitechapel and then it would be Watain and then it would be Behemoth and then it would be oh god, probably Cannibal Corpse just to say I did it and then to headline it would definitely be Korn.
The Frieza/Cell shirt is bad ass which Dragon Ball Z saga is your favorite saga?
Ooh god that uhm, you know I want to say the Frieza saga because it’s such an OG saga. But then again I really like the Cell saga because the different stages of Cell and I think he was more maniacal so I might have to say the Cell saga.
Pizza or calzone?
Pizza, cheese pizza
Anything else you would like to tell the readers before we go?
Uh, thank you if you listen to Abiotic we appreciate it.
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