Over the weekend I rounded up the boys in Nautilus.
Can you introduce who you to the readers?
what’s up! I’m Michael Kearney, I’ve been on vocals. Clark has played bass and is going back to guitar, Danny was the drummer, switching to bass, Josh plays guitar, and Zack is our new drummer.
How and when did you guys become a band?
Well I started the band back in August 2014, it was Matt Mckessor (ex drummer) and I, we reached out via our local musician group page, found Clark and put him on guitar, then found a bassist, Danny.
How did you guys come up with your band name?
It actually came from The Acacia Strain song, “The Chambered Nautilus” I looked into what an actual nautilus was and I thought it looked badass as fuck. so I took that name.
Do you guys play League of Legends? There is a champion with your band name haha
Clark: Danny plays and I used to play.
Michael: I heard about the character’s name pretty quick hahah
How did you guys come up with the theme for Burden?
Michael: I came up with it after all the songs were written. It just seemed like the now self titled was the most accurate in terms of overall feel and theme for the album, so I chose the title of the album based on that.
When can we expect some new music from you guys?
Michael: We’re actually in the process of recording a full length now. we’ll hopefully have something out by the end of 2015!
What advice do you have for bands wanting to start to playing shows and get their foot in the music industry?
I would say just try to make connections with anybody and everyone you can. go to your local shows and not just metal shows. go to rock shows, alternative shows, anything that’s happening and talk to people, don’t just try to advertise your band, talk to them about whatever just chat shit up. bring up linking up for shows or anything they can do. be respectful but don’t be afraid to be and act yourself.
When can we expect to see you guys be on the road?
We can’t say for sure, we may be planning something for December/January, but it’s not confirmed. We’re working on it for sure!
What is your dream tour (any band) with you guys on the bill ?
  • The Acacia Strain (headlining)
  • Black Tongue
  • Yüth Forever
  • The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
  • Bodysnatcher
  • us opening
Us headlining and nobody else
  • American Football (headlining)
  • Trash Talk
  • Foxing
  • Knocked Loose
  • Brand New
  • Cattle Decapitation (playing everything they’ve ever written)
  • Infant Annihilator (with Dan Watson)
  • black tongue
  • us
The Office or Parks and Recreation ?
Parks and Rec
Parks and Rec
Anything you guys would like to tell the readers before we go?
Yo let’s fucking go get Taco Bell
You can check them out on Facebook and here is a stream of their debut EP “Burden