Thanks for taking some time to talk to us. Would you like to introduce
Yourself and the rest of the band for our readers?
Hello! Our pleasure, this is Mike Bielenda (guitar/songwriter), our band includes Nathan Wittock on vocals, Cody McCoy on drums, Ben Lamoreaux on guitar and Brian Walsh on bass guitar.
What’s the story behind “Boreworm” who had the idea to start it and when did it happen?
The story behind the band is a horror/science fiction world I started writing music for after the unexpected end of our band “The Yellow Sign” in 2010. I made some changes to a less conventional tuning
and started trying to commit to a faster scarier vibe to match the story that I was writing. Making the switch from bass to guitar and recruiting my friend Cody McCoy to shred on drums kicked the project
out of my head and into the real world. After jamming with multiple awesome musicians that just weren’t exactly clicking with what Cody and I were trying to go for, Life situations realigned so that I was
able to recruit back my brothers Ben (Guitar) and Nathan (formerly drummer for TYS, moved to vocals) to help us realize our vision for the band. After solidifying the direction and lyrical backstory with Nate
we began really launching the band in 2013 by releasing The Black Path EP 
How did you guys come up with the name? It’s very different and it gives a very dark and intimidating vibe, make me think of band names like BESERKER, RINGWORM and DEADCHURCH.  

The name originally came from a classic horror videogame, Splatterhouse 3. The cutscenes warning you that your that your girlfriend being eaten alive from inside and turned into a mindless undead beast if 
you don’t complete the level fast enough were so disturbing and creepy. I wanted that for inspiration when I was writing material on my own, that frantic feeling that you have to move faster always and the very
real thought that you’re failing every second you waste haha. Once I committed to writing my own horror/scifi fiction for the lyrical/artwork side of the project I re appropriated the name into my own mythos as
an homage, Since so much of the story behind the band is inspired by things that I find scary or ominous. Now the name for the band has more to do with the ancient lovecraftian creatures hidden in the story than
my videogame nostalgia, but the reference lives on in the commitment to more aggressive and ominous death metal riffage.
Were any of you guy’s in other bands before Boreworm? I know most of you guys were in “The Yellow Sign” which I have to say is pretty upsetting that band is no more, but Boreworm brings it all back! 

Me, Ben and Nate were all founding members of “The Yellow Sign” which we did full time from around 2006 to 2010, Cody has been in numerous projects including a local band which played with us many times
in TYS called “Algore”, the band “Winterus” which were on Lifeforce Records, and is also currently in the bands “Traitor” and his awesome solo project “Cerna” which just finished recording his second album for
Domestic Genocide Records. Our bassist Brian was formerly in the Indiana death metal band “Heavy Lies The Crown”.
So you guys released “The Black Path” EP last year, which has had A LOT of positive feedback. Did everything meet your expectations? How did you guys go about writing it and who did what?  
The Black Path EP was written by me musically, Nathan and I worked out the story arc for the first album (with him doing all the lyrics and vocals) and took 4 songs we thought stood best on their own lyrically and
put them together as a sort of preview package so we could start getting interest in the band, we garnered a lot of great reviews online which was awesome! I think it turned out well and we have even higher hopes
and desires for the realization of the full length the songs are meant to be excerpts from!

I’m sure a lot of our readers are curious including myself, are you guys currently working on anything new?  

Since the time we recorded The Black Path EP I’ve had a full length album written, we’ve been perfecting it and working out the kinks to try and make it the best album possible and hope to have it out later this year.
Much of the other material you can actually hear us playing live already including songs not heard on Black Path, though some of my favorite material is still being learned and solidified with the rest of the band. 

OK, I’m sure you saw this coming, But you have to tell us about the “Ultimate Metal Hand Shake” what exactly drove you guys into making this? It’s pretty awesome! Best thing I’ve seen in a really long time. My favorite part was at 0:53 when you guys were windmilling and doing the hand shake. You guys have had articles written about it from people like and, were you guys expecting it to get as big as it did?  

Haha! We do silly stuff like that all the time and are always saying, man we should make a video of this, or a t-shirt with whatever joke on it. Usually we never follow through with any of it but this time Nate and I did.
Its always just to make each other laugh but somehow Metalsucks picked it up and it went viral almost immediately. We were and are still completely dumbfounded that it exploded like that, Now we have all these hilarious
positive and negative reactions to read and people everywhere are being subjected to a sample of our music, really we couldn’t be happier haha. The whole experience is completely surreal actually.

Alright, so what intentions did you guys have for Boreworm, where exactly do you guys want to go with it? How far are you wanting to go? Seeing you guys make it to the Semifinals for summer slaughter/All stars tour I assume you guys have big dreams for it, do you plan on touring in the near future?
Sky is the limit really, I plan to take Boreworm as far as I can. We will actually be in California next month for the finals of the battle for Summer Slaughter, which IF we win would be the start of a crazy summer of touring for
us. If not we plan on taking to the road this summer anyway and recording the full length. Many things on our plate, we can’t wait for everyone to see what we have for them this year!
What are some of your main musical influences? Who got you into wanting to start a band?

Personally I think being a kid and watching bands like Metallica and Megadeth did the most for me wanting to start a band, the musical Influences are nearly endless though for everyone in the band. I think in terms of the 
more “extreme” genres of metal the bands that got ME the most excited early on were old Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Decapitated, but so much also comes from stuff like Ion Dissonace, Meshuggah, Mastodon and
more recently stuff off the deep end of dark conceptual metal like Ulcerate and Gorguts, horror movie soundtracks, But sometimes Ben and I can get just as pumped singing along to Blind Guardian or Killswitch Engage or
windmilling to Amon Amarth. We’ve all been so pumped about metal for so long it’s hard to tell where any one influence starts or stops anymore.
What would you say is the most fulfilling, exciting part about being a musician?

I think for me it’s when that part of a song comes together perfectly, live or recorded. That moment where the melody is perfect or that transition gives you goosebumps. That moment when a crowd is completely there with
you and lost in the moment. Creating and performing music in general is just exciting in itself to me, and doing it with my best friends is even better.

What would be your dream tour? What bands would you like to have Boreworm play with?

We just got to play with Ulcerate which was awesome for me, really getting to play with any of those bands that i watched as a kid would be mind blowing, sharing a stage with Megadeth or something would probably be
terrible actually from stress and nervousness haha. Playing with any band from our CD collections would be a huge deal, its impossible to narrow it down really!
Is there anything else you would like our readers to know? Anything, come on!

Just that we hope to see you at a show and headbang with you! Send us a message on one of our sites and lets talk metal and bug monsters, If you dig the music grab a shirt to help us get to california and wish us luck!
Alright man, well I, along with everyone in SHDCVLT including our reader’s appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. I’m very excited and looking forward to see what you guys bring to the music scene! Good luck to you guys!

Thank you!