Victims is: Nicho Brewer, Abraham Regalado, Anthony Williams, John Matalone, Meredith Henderson
Can you introduce yourselves to the readers?
Meredith: Victims consists of Nicho Brewer vocals, Abraham Regalado Guitar, Anthony Williams Guitar, John Matalone Bass, and Meredith Henderson (me) Drums
How and when did you guys become a band?
Meredith: Well Anthony, Abe, Nicho, and I were in a previous project before this one, but we were headed in a different direction musically so we decided to change our name to Victims, technically we became Victims August of 2013, but have been playing music together since 2012. Anthony and I have been playing together in bands since 2009.
Sickness Vol: 1 has been out for a year now what was the writing process like?
Meredith: For Sickness it was written in a divided type of way, we didn’t really know how many songs we were doing  what was going on it at the time. So Abstract, Spoken Slander, and Left Behind were all written as singles that eventually ended up on the EP. Most of Sickness was written by Anthony and I, but we all threw in ideas to make it what was Sickness Vol: 1.
Nicho: The writing process was very fun and dark, fun because we got too experiment a little with handling a concept, dark because everything we wrote about was just complete tormented in every way possible.
When can we expect new music from you guys?
Meredith: Well we’ve been working on a new album since December of 2014 and it’s about halfway finished which is set to release Winter of 2016 (not to get anyone confused around early march time)
Nicho: You can expect new music on Nov. 27th of this month! It’s a new catchy song titled “De/tached”.
What advice do you have for new bands wanting to play shows?
Nicho: My advice is don’t expect a big crowd every show, if you have not played in front of 10 people at a show than do not expect the next one to be bigger, and always be sure to promote all day every day and invite your friends and family to shows and as well through social media.
Meredith: The most important thing is to make sure as a whole your sound is tight and no matter how many people are in the room to play your heart out because everyone who watches you is important and you never know how helpful it’ll be in the long run.
You guys went on tour a few months back how did that go?
Meredith: Overall it was a good experience to have under our belt, but we’re not the bad luck crew for nothing. As most touring bands go through we had van issues, shows drop, etc but we stuck it out and did something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time and you have to start somewhere. Also I have to say though Houston has an awesome scene.
Nicho: Yeah the Sickness tour was fucking awesome, we got to grill out in Walmart parking lot with our buds in U.A. and we also got to explore a lot of different states and arrive at sick attractions.
What is your dream tour (any band) with you guys on the bill?
Nicho: My dream tour with us on the bill hmm… probably with Volumes and Slipknot, that would be mine and for the other members in the band I don’t really know, maybe Korn, and Metallica.
Meredith: Hmmm mine would differ a lot then everyone else in the band, but in an unrealistic sense I would DIE if we toured with Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, or Deftones and in a more reachable standing it would be cool to tour with Yüth Forever, Barrier, the pals in Zealot, Reflections, Adaliah, or Darke Complex.
Who would win in a fight Leather Face or Jason?
Meredith: Honestly probably Jason I can’t really give you a reason why, but on a related topic Rest in peace Wes Craven he is a horror genius and his films will be carried on for a long time.
Nicho: Jason will always win.
Do you have anything else to say before we go?
Nicho: That you for taking your time to interview Victims, as well as to stay tuned on victims page for our new single as i mentioned up above, and check out our friends in SHDCVLT, officially sponsoring Victims. Have a great day!
Meredith: Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has supported so far and everyone that was a fan of Sickness Vol: 1, volume two will be even better I can assure you of that.
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