Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed by us. Would you like to introduce your self and the rest of the band for our readers?

No problem man! My name is Lazarus and I am the Vocalist of the band Leaders. Johnathen Somner- Drums, Guitar- Josh Reeves, Bass- Jake Dirkson.

When and how did your new band start? Where you guys in other bands worth mentioning before Leaders came together?

Well Leaders became official in September 2011. We were a band before that but had many member changes and thought it was time to change the name considering that. I am the only original at this point. A lot of our old bands used to play together haha as time went on we just ended up attaining them and here we are.

What’s it like working with Facedown Records?

It’s been amazing. Jason and Virginia are two of the most sincere and hard working people. It truly feels like a family!

Are there any individuals or organizations that played an important role in helping you guys get to where you are now?

Oh there are so many! The Whosoevers definitely helped us out, as well as our early manager and the various members who were part of this band.

Your music video “Hell” is fucking amazing. What is the story behind it? And what went into making it? Its on point.

haha thanks man! It’s about trying to live your life and being pulled every which way by a demon or a devil in your life. It was a short shoot just about 5 hours but it was a lot of fun. Our Director/friend Matt Spencer really took the idea we had and made it come to life.

Do you have to do any vocal exercises before you do your set or record in the studio? Are there any disciplines that go into your vocal work?

haha I wish I could tell you I do all these crazy things to warm up but I usually don’t. When we play live I try not to drink soda or sugary drinks before we play. Every few days after a show I will have a cup of tea (throat coat) and it helps a ton to relax my voice. For recording I don’t drink anything but water and throat coat. Yeah man, I try to take care of my voice by just resting it when we have shows on tour. I don’t eat dairy or peanuts before shows usually.

And your album Indomitable, what was the writing process on that record like?

It was a lot of fun.. well as much fun as writing a record can be, haha. We jammed about 2 times a month in 2-3 day increments from 11am-6pm. We really hashed out the new album and it was the easiest writing process I’ve ever been involved in. It was great!

Where can our readers get their copy of the record?

There are plenty of places. Most online sites have them available and some indie record stores have them as well!

What is your dream tour? What bands would do you want Leaders on tour with that you have not toured with already?

I would have to say bands like Meshuggah, Lamb of God, and bands that are metal haha We really want to tour with as many bands as possible. I don’t want to really say we are picky. Just touring with friends is so awesome! Kublai Khan is some of our great friends we are just waiting for our tour schedules to line up one of these days.

How do you guys like shredding through austin on your way through tour?

Austin was so much fun! It was our first time and we felt so loved! We can’t wait to come back!

Well you will see me in the pit next time you come through Austin, you can count on that. Thank you for the interview. Is there anything else you want our readers to know as we wrap this up?

Yeah man we just want everyone to know that we love you all and that dreams do come true. Also, when you feel like giving up.. don’t. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. God will always be there for you guys!

Thanks again for considering us for this interview we appreciate it! 
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