Hey John, thanks for letting me interview you for SHDCVULT. Can you introduce yourself and your band for the reader?

 Hey guys, My name is John Michael Perez I play rhythm guitar/clean vocals for Good Morning, Gorgeous. We’re a 5 piece melodic hardcore band that has been around for a little over 3 years. We’ve had a few member changes but our current line up has been around the longest. We love touring, writing and having fun haha.

 How did you guys come up with the name and how long have you guys been together?

 When I first was trying people out for the band, I moved to Pasadena, Tx. One of the guitarist I was trying out was brain storming ideas with me on the name and I think he came up with it. The name has a lot of different meanings to all of us but it was catchy and we liked it. So we stuck with it. We’ve been together for over 3 years, our first show was in October of 2011.

 I’ve been hearing from sources (you) that you’ve been working on some new music. Care to enlighten us on what’s to come?

 Yes! We’re about halfway done with the album we’re working on. Matty G our lead guitarist just moved in with me so we could make the writing process faster. So now 3 of us live in Austin, Tx, Which is helping a lot with the writing process.

 Would you mind giving us a little insight of your writing process?

 Matty G is our primary writer. I have been tracking all of the pre-production for it. Drew and I have been throwing out ideas for stuff. Once the Instrumentals are done, Drew would start writing lyrics.

 I have only heard a few of your solo stuff, how has that been going for you and any new tracks?

 I’m currently writing a 10 song acoustic album. I have a lot on my mind musically and want to express it more in a clear way. It’s strictly on the side and Good morning, Gorgeous comes first. I’m almost halfway done with the acoustic album also. I start recording it in 3 weeks with Cory B from Alchemist Studios.

 How long have you been a practicing musician? I’ve known you since the Seraphim’s Cry days but not much before that.

 Pretty much since then, I was about 16. I started very late honestly. I wish I started way earlier. Seraphim’s Cry taught me a lot though.

 Any upcoming touring or shows that you would like us to know about?

 Nothing planned. We just got on Imperial Management (For The Fallen Dreams, Sworn In, I the Breather) and we’ve been instructed to focus on writing the album first.

 I’ve known most of the guys besides Drew for a while and how do you guys ever get serious enough to record?

 We have a plan and we’ve stuck to it. We’re always thinking about what comes next. Once we write a song we try to record ASAP.

 If you would randomly select the most random and funniest people I know it’s basically this band.

 Haha awesome! We try to have as much fun as possible while still taking it serious.

 If you were trapped on a dessert island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?

 My fiance, a guitar and rope. You can do a lot of stuff with rope...