“Reflections” started in 2010 and this band has been a powerhouse ever since with 2014 being a dark year for the band. To say that Wolf had a challenging year would be an insulting understatement. All of the chaos, frustration, anger, confusion, and trauma was funneled into the new album, “The Color Clear”, which is the follow up to 2013’s “Exi(s)t” and was recorded at The Machine Shop with Will Putney.
I recently attended the Texas In July Farewell Tour at the Houston stop, I grabbed Jake before the show kicked off  here is what he has to say.
Jake Wolf
Patrick Somoulay
Francis Xayana
Nick Lona
Can you introduce yourself to the readers?
My name is Jake Wolfe I am the vocalist for Reflections.
How and when did you guys become a band?
We started writing music in July of 2010, we started playing shows around the beginning of 2011 and we released our first release it was in April of 2012. I met Patty through a band that we were in together during high school. Where I played drums and he played guitar. Francis and Patty are actually cousins and we met our drummer Nick through online auditions to fill in for our first tour because our previous drummer Cam didn’t want to go on the tour.
“The Color Clear” is a masterpiece what was the writing process like?
The writing process for “The Color Clear was a lot longer than we really knew a lot of those lyrics are from 2011 I’ve been writing for a really long time, and one of the riffs in the song “Autumnus” is one of first riffs Patty ever wrote. Some of us individually like myself had a really hard time with just everything, pretty much and we were struggling a lot as a band as well. With Charlie and Cam they were making everything difficult and getting rid of that finally allowed us to finally be a band, and Nick actually writing drums instead of me because Cam never wrote anything. It was just a lot more natural and then getting to go to Machine Shop with Will Putney was something I’ve always wanted to do, Patty always wanted to do. Nothing but good records come out of there so it was nice being in that environment.
What drives the lyrics of Reflections?
For lyrics, it’s stories about my life, and the things I see and I interpret it and sometimes a message I would like to try and convey to people. Earlier like before The Color Clear everything was really like kinda surface level trying to like appeal to other people and for this album I really thought what I needed to hear and what I needed to get out. It wound up connecting to a lot more people that way. That ultimately is what I want more than anything is to have a connection with people through music.
What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t on tour? (besides write music)
I like traveling seeing things something scenic getting away from the city.
What is your dream tour with you guys on the bill?
Something like:
Bring Me The Horizon
Invent, Animate
You know just friends, good bands, with a positive meaning and value.
Anything else you would like to tell the readers before we go?
Personally I’ve been going kind of a rough time and something that has been helping me out is just being involved in music, and listening to music. So I guess on a completely different note turn to music before you turn to anything else when you’re having a bad day.
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