Recently I grabbed the dudes from Far From Nothing for an interview here it what they have to say.
Can you introduce who you guys are to the readers?
Nikko (Guitar)
Evan (Guitar)
Scott (Drums)
Lex (Bass)
Dan (Vocals)
How and when did you guys become a band?
  • Evan: It started back in the day. I think it was about 09. Just a couple of guys. Trey on guitar (original member), evan on guitar, Dan on bass, Dillyn on drums and Sam on vox. We started out just as a group of guys just trying to make some music. Went through various names. One in particular was pretty rough “Merkel House”.
    Followed up with me stepping out and Nikko stepping in. We had picked up Scotty after dropping our drummer and moving Dan to vox when our vocalist left. Picked up another bassist, Jer bear.
  • Nikko: We went through a couple more bass players and came to a hault when we couldnt find one. Abilene is the worst spot for bassists. Lol but Evan came to us and told us he would help us out until we found a bassist to permanently replace him. We found lex. Evan moved to guitar We are now in probably the best shape ever.
How did you guys come up with your band name?
  • Evan: I was in college at the time and I just wrote out a whole bunch of names on my notebook. The next band practice we ran through all of them and the name Far From Nothing seemed to be everyone’s favorite.
  • Daniel: Oh word I never remember
  • Nikko: I like the creep effect it could have to certain people… Like when you’re sleeping and you wake up cause you feel like someone’s watching you. You tell yourself it’s nothing…but……lol
  • Evan: We wanted something that would stand out in Abilene. The beast under the bed type feel haha.
How did you guys come up with the theme for Reject?
  • Nikko: Dan has a lot of issues with Abilene. The people mostly. Lyrically it had a lot to do with Daniel’s hate for people in our hometown.
  • Nikko: Uh…musically. We played around with the idea that we could make heavy music with pissed off lyrics and it would go against everything that other bands in Abilene stood for. We had a period of time where we all got shit for the stuff we were making. From parents to friends and other fam
When can we expect new music from you guys?
Nikko: Definitely before the end of 2015. 😉
You guys went on tour back in May how was it?
  • Scotty: Great we went out with the guys in Filth, definitely surprising that people knew the lyrics in California  and Las Vegas lol
  • Nikko: And New Mexico!
  • Nikko: Shouts out to Albuquerque for real. The girls even went hard as fuck over there!
Any tour tips for  future bands wanting to tour?
  • Nikko: Scott’s the old wise one. He has plenty lmao
  • Nikko: My tip would be don’t ever be that band that plays for 4 people and gets upset. You’ve got to start somewhere. This genre of music is hard to live in. Be grateful for your fans. Even if it’s just 4.
  • Evan: 100% fan love. That’s how you get success. Not big shows but fan love. 2 people or 2,000 people it’s gonna be the same show to us.
  • Scotty: My tip is to not rush into touring with out making sure your ready, have some recordings merch and a safe way to travel,just be prepared, don’t just jump out there unless fully ready
  • Evan: Don’t know how much you love your bros until on the road, or hate them
What is your dream tour (any band) with you guys on the bill?
  • Nikko: Black Tongue, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Filth, 2X4, I AM, us
  • Evan: Yeah I gotta say filth, Kublai Khan, Demolisher, and 2×4
  • Scotty: Varials on some of those dates as well
Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?
  • Evan: Mortal Kombat
  • Nikko: Mortal Kombat 4eva
  • Nikko: Fallout for Daniel haha
  • Nikko: Minecraft for Lex hahahaha
  • Evan: Or Destiny for Dan
  • Nikko: Definitely Destiny
  • Scotty: Mortal Kombat
Anything you guys would like to tell the readers before we go?
  • Nikko: Yo! If we have played a show for you, hung out with you, smoked with you,  drank with you, seen your boobs, and you listened to us and enjoyed it. We love you. We do this shit for ya. We eat Whataburger after every show. Come eat with us one day.
  • Scotty: Yeah don’t be an elitist, and get in the pit and punch people
  • Evan: Hell yeah. Make the fam bigger