Just recently, I sat down with Dave and Mark here is what they had to say.
Abhorrent Deformity is:
Mark De Gruchy- Vocals
David Wright- Bass
Jason Keating- Guitar
Matthew Green- Drums
Can you introduce who you guys are to the readers?
Dave: My name is Dave and I’m the bass player for Abhorrent Deformity. I love walking around in my yoga pants and uggs while drinking my Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Mark: My name is Mark and I think Dave is lying but, it’s okay. You know what they say about people who are lying? They have to sit up eventually. Seriously though, I do vocals for Abhorrent Deformity.
How and when did you guys become a band?
Dave: Abhorrent started in 2013 with Matt, Blake, and Justin. I joined in 2014. For me, the process of being brought into the band was one of those cases of “hey, you play bass! Do you wanna play some brutal shit?” Then in February of 2015 Justin left the band to become a bear wrestler. But worry not! The Based God had a plan for us. Shortly after Justin’s departure- we found Mark working underneath a bridge. He was holding a cardboard sign that said “Will work for SummerSlam tickets.” We were a bit drunk and couldn’t make out all of the words- but we knew it said Slam! Then Blake left to go study UFOs with the dudes at Hangar 1- so we called up Jason (Keating) to come out. It was a tough negotiation process. We had to ask him to come “BDM and chill.” Then we had to give him a bag of Skittles.
Mark: I joined in February-ish of 2015, while Matt and Dave were already in the band working with a guitar player. Shortly before the recording process, Jason was suggested as a replacement.
How did you guys come up with your band name?
Dave: Short answer- a thesaurus. Long answer- the dudes wanted our name to tie in with the direction we were moving musically. Abhorrent Deformity is a malformation that inspires disgust. 
What is the writing process like when coming up with new material?
Dave: We write the instrumental parts first. Usually an idea will be shared, we’ll build from it (outside of practice) then next time we meet up we will start jamming it out. We tend to write one riff at a time, and if the riffs don’t mesh- we scrap them. Once the song is written, we’ll usually revise it a couple of times before we even bother sending it to Mark. I’ll let him explain his writing process.
Mark: I don’t have much to do with the music writing portion, I prefer to focus on the lyrical content and some of the artistic direction the band takes on. Lyrically, though I’m very hands I usually jot down title ideas here and there or base a song concept around something that I find troublesome. I tend to hack away at it slowly before hand.
“Entity of Malevolence” comes out via Comatose Music in October how excited are you guys? 
Dave: I’m pretty stoked for it. So far all of the album reviews that we’ve gotten back have been great. I can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks. With this being our debut LP and our debut release on Comatose Music- it’s a pretty exciting time.
Mark: I’m looking forward to the release. I’ve enjoyed our interactions with Steve and Comatose, they have really been a team player throughout this adventure. I look forward to the opportunities that this release will hopefully afford us in the future.
What advice can you give new bands wanting to start playing shows? 
Dave: Be outgoing and confident. Go to each show with the attitude of “I’m going to make some new friends tonight,” and never ask your band mates “how do you think we played tonight?” It’s your music- OWN IT! If you fuck up here or there- don’t worry. You can’t expect yourself to be perfect all of the time. Just get out there, play your heart out, and have fun.
Mark: You know, I believe in networking and having good communication skills. Realistically a show is to showcase your band but, think of it as a networking opportunity – there is the chance to make new friends, fans, and people you know for years on end. There is a common bond with playing aggressive music due to the niche but, if you just reach out the overall metal or local band community is supportive. Aside from just going out, talking to people, mostly importantly be humble. We’re playing music and bonding with our friends, we’re not curing cancer so have fun with it and make the best of the chances you are given. Whether the chance is to meet someone new, play a big show or sign to a label, enjoy the moment and remember to be positive, humble and think of others.
When will you guys hit the road?
Dave: We will be at New York Deathfest this October 3rd and 4th, our CD release show is on October 30that Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC, and then we have some shows in SC/GA/TN in November. After that, we’ll start playing shows again in 2016.
Mark: Aside from those shows and the holiday break, we have had a few opportunities arise for 2016 that we hope to take on. I believe we as a unit would like to venture out a bit for short stints, festivals, and things of the sort. I think those are definitely something we are all very excited about.
What is your dream tour (any band) with you guys on the bill?
Dave: Origin, The Black Dahlia Murder, Pathology, Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Horse the Band (because fuck Elitism- I listen to everything)
Mark: I think a dream tour package would be Summer Slaughter, Blackest of the Black or Wakken (yes I know it is a fest), I know if Jason (guitar player) were here, he would definitely agree to Wakken. If I had to package a line up, that would be fun and suitable – I’d love to do Danzig/Samhain, Deicide, Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom and Megadeth. Some of those are a bit of a genre stretch in the realm of metal but I think an amalgam of those would be a good time.
PC or Console? 
Mark: Mac. I rarely play video games. I own a mac and love it. On a realistic note, I still own a SNES with 90+ games from when I was younger and an Xbox. I mainly keep them for company or if someone crashes in the living room so they have something to do.
Dave: I’ve always been more of a console guy. 
Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers before we go?
Dave: Our album will be in stores on October 30th! Pick yourself up a copy! Follow us on Facebook,InstagramReverbnationSoundCloud, and Twitter. We’re easy to find, just search “Abhorrent Deformity.” One more thing! If you find yourself in an “altered” state of mind- burning off furniture at your buddies house- DON’T leave the fire unattended while you go get Taco Bell. Smokey the Bear never told me shit about preventing “house fires.” Don’t be “that guy.”
Mark: Check out our lyric video for Baptized in Embalming Fluid. Keep an eye out for album pre-orders going up in early September in our bigcartel. We will have pre-order exclusive designs hand drawn by yours truly and mostly importantly, eat all of your vegetables.
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