The aliens dropped  off the guys in Abduction Signal for this interview.
Jake Yatsevich- vocals
Achilles Kirkikis- guitar and bass
Trevor Williams– drums
Can you introduce who you guys are to the readers?
Jake: Well, I am Jake Yatsevich I’d be the guy that yells at everyone haha Dinosaur noises in space and such.
Achilles: I’m Achilles Kirkikis. I write most every guitar and bass part with help from Jake and Trevor for third party input.
Trevor: I hit cylinders with sticks aggressively.
How and when did you guys become a band?
Achilles: About a year and a couple months ago, one of our mutual friends had introduced me to Jake. I showed him some material I had and he liked it enough to want to do vocals on it. After I learned he could rip some nasty vocals, I let Trevor (my roommate) know and he started writing all of the drum parts.
Jake: Well, I’d say it was like a year or so ago? I actually was doing a solo project that formed into a shitty deathcore thing. A guy hit me up on the Internet and introduced me to Achilles, and we tried him out. After realizing that everybody else was a flake, we kinda diverged into this. He brought in Trevor, who I actually had jammed with in the past, so it was kinda crazy like that.
How did you guys come up with your band name?
Jake: You know, I don’t really remember. Sounds cool though right?
Trevor: Aliens exist man
Achilles: Originally, we were going for a more Aliencore vibe. But as we wrote, it seemed less and less like that. We liked the sound of it, but we’re considering a name change in the future.
The two songs that you guys put out are phenomenal what was the writing process like for those songs?
Trevor: Achilles is a bank of guitar riffs.
Jake: I really just like telling stories and writing, so on my end these were just a good opportunity for that. The box I had actually written prior to us forming, and IV is based off that alien feel we were going for. I tried to keep IV more of a straightforward feel towards the metal genres though
Achilles: I write a bunch of incoherent riffs and put them into Guitar Pro 6. I show them to Trevor and he tweaks the rhythm sections and we put transitions to it. We usually let the song sink in for a bit while we learn it and a lot gets changed over time. Jake usually makes vocals fit into the song by changing up lyrical timing and everything. After adding transitions and extras, we took them to our friend to get them recorded.
Jake: Followed by a few re recordings, like on the box
Have you guys played any shows? If not when will you guys start to play shows?
Jake: We played a birthday party a while ago haha as for that, we’re still trying to get our EP and probably a few more people in order to jump into that. That’s what I’d say is about the only thing we’re waiting on.
Achilles: We have played The Box in a barn before for a few people, but it was basically a jam session. The live shows are going to have to wait until we can get a click track/backing tracks set up, or another guitarist who has their own six, seven, and eight string guitars and live ready set up and a bassist ready to play. We’re itching to play live, but I refuse to rush it. We’re going to put out good music with good shows and I don’t plan on anything less.
When can we expect some new music from you guys?
Jake: For new jams, I’d hate to estimate, but it’ll be soon. Give it another month or so, and we should actually have a disc floating around
Achilles: As for new music, our little EP will be ready after the next week when I can go and record my last Solo section and a few tweaks on vocal parts. Then after that week, it’s up to our friend producing it until it’s released.
Jake: Like I said, about a month to be expected haha
What is your dream tour (any band) with you guys on the bill?
Achilles: I would kill to tour with a band like Slice the Cake. Those dudes are my favorite type of music.
Jake: My dream tour for our sound? Probably Thy Art Is Murder, Shokran, Slice The Cake, i don’t know haha I’m all over when it comes to who I’d really want to play with, but Shokran would probably be at the top of my list for the music were currently working on
Have you guys had any extraterrestrial experiences?
Jake: Haha I’d say it’s all very terrestrial on my end. I might of seen something cool once I definitely know it all exists though.
Achilles: I saw some gnarly unexplained lights up in the sky one time up north. Probably an alien invasion. Could have been a plane. But we’re going to assume it was an invasion.
GTA or Saints Row?
Jake: Saints row man, that whole things is superpowers, world domination and aliens haha, oh and dubstep guns
Achilles: GTA but the Saints Row 3 soundtrack was extreme.
Do you guys have anything else to say before we go?
Jake: Eat meat and buy our CD when it comes out haha, oh and I want everyone on Earth to know I do free guest spots.
Achilles: Expect awesome things in the future. I’m only getting better at writing and we’re hoping to have new members to help make the new material something super heavy and technical while still being a breath of fresh air for the listeners.
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