Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for the webzine. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Eyy this is Rich BRUX here, I’m a local Colorado artist from Commerce City. I’m 18 years old and work on music day in and day out to stay away from normal people.

What genre of rap would you say you are fam?

My personal rap genre isn’t existent yet. I’m my own genre and can hit almost any genre you throw at me. I like to stick to my ‘Alternative rap/Rich BRUX style though.

What are artists the most influential on your music?

I have a lot of different influences. All of which are different in sound and genre. My main influences are Kevin Pouya Denzel Curry Bones/TeamSesh XXXTentacion Azizi Gibson Travis $cott SDotBraddy(whom I have a feature from) And many more that won’t fit on the list and quite haven’t seen the surface yet.

We have pretty much the same taste in music haha. What does your recording process look like? Do you record yourself or do you have a studio that you go to?

I record mix and master everything myself. Only thing I don’t do/ don’t know how to do is produce beats.

What daw are you using? Your sound is on point.

Primarily Cubase. i8 to be exact. Other software used is Audacity.(when I don’t have Cubase) Just to prove you can make magic with almost no tools.

Yo that’s extremely impressive fam. keep doing what you are doing. Hella impressed with your work. Are you playing shows too?

I’ve done 2 shows where I played and one where I guest starred for a homie named Martian.

Oh, so you’re just getting your foot in the door. Would love to see you perform live bro. Your tracks are fire. If you could go on tour with any artists ever, who would they be? What would be your dream tour?

If I could tour with any artist it would have to be a few Colorado locals, Brett Deadly my closest homie SIM, and SDotBraddy.

That’s admirable! People usually list off famous people when I ask that question. And he said Brett Deadly. That would be a lit Ass tour! So is this gig just for fun for you or do you wanna so something epic?
This is becoming my life. I don’t want to do anything but he a part of the music industry. Even if people don’t fuck with my sound I want to be able to make beats and do something music related.
I have a feeling they will fam. You def stand out from the crowd. What got you started in rap. And how long have u been in the game?
My main reason for the beginning is me and my friend ‘S.I.M’ hearing the local Colorado art and what they were doing. Of course thinking we could do it better or up to par with them, we began messing around with a laptop, audacity and an Xbox mic… That was 3 years ago…and it has been one year since I’ve been taking this seriously and it’s only getting better.
That’s incredible. Literally coming up from nothing! I’m excited to see how far this take you!
Any albums or new releases in the works?
Yeah bro it was rough dealing with the hate and criticism but it will all be worth it if we work hard enough. I currently have an EP called ‘Quarantine’ still deciding on the track count and all. But the whole basis is talking about separating myself from the people who aren’t going to help me achieve my goal. And closing myself to the world until it’s ready for me. Other than that it’s just singles with other local artists.
We will be waiting for that ep. That’s a topic a lot of us can relate to. Speaking of haters. How do you cope with them? Personally, I just block them all at first sight
‘Haters gonna hate’ is a motto I live by, I think when people talk negatively about you it’s still recognition and ‘clout’. So for anyone with haters….you’re doing something right.
I could not agree with you more. As we wrap this up is there anything else you would like our readers to know about. And if anybody from the family wants to book you in Colorado, what’s the best way to get a hold of you?
To all the readers, follow your dreams and desires. Don’t stop for anyone. Even if its blood. Do what you want. Do what you need…

For booking contact me at
Stay up Y’all!🤘🏽