Of Ruins is from San Antonio, Texas they are:
Randy Cadena
John Gonzalez
Christopher Sanchez
David Sanchez Jr.
When the opening track kicks in “Human Dissonance” you will get chills running down your entire body because of the orchestral piece it gives off an eerie feeling that sets the mood for the song. The song consists of evil sounding guitar work along with bass. The drums pack a punch with blast beats and a snare drum that sounds so unbelievably clean. This song has one of the best breakdowns I have heard in a while, it is nice and slow perfect for a headbanger enthusiast. Following the breakdown is this sick bass solo that the listener has to rewind time and time again. As the song slows and comes to an end it leads into the second song off the EP called “Vile Supremacy” The song starts off slow it builds up into a nasty “blegh” and with the  smoothest guitar part that will get stuck in your head. I don’t know if any of you guys are fans of the 2006 era of deathcore where in a breakdown there was a movie quote or even the whole song itself. Need a memory jogger? The pioneers Dr. Acula “Vile Supremacy” has one of the best quotes from one of the most popular shows to exist the show is about a chemistry teacher that breaks bad. Once that quote plays all hell breaks loose with a catchy guitar riff with some bass that sounds heavy. As the song progresses the breakdown knocks me off guard you don’t expect it to hit you so hard, this breakdown makes you want to destroy everything in your path. The next song is “Genocide Design” This one starts off like getting the gears warmed up once the gears are nice and warmed up it picks up speed and hits you in the with brutality. The lyrics give a powerful message that anyone will enjoy, the song has a very sick guitar solo that will get anyone’s attention when the listener think the solo comes to an end it picks right back up. The song comes to a satisfying close the next song to play is “Submerge” This song brings the heavy everything blends together so well, it gives off the vibe that this could be in a different deathcore era. “Submerge” is one of my favorites off this EP, the blast beats are tasty and when it slows down your head bangs on its own. When the song ends it immediately goes into the final song on this EP titled “The Tyrannical Ruling” With the creepy guitar and the bass parts that any bassist will love, this is a perfect closing song to this EP it feels as if the song is starting to slow down as the song progresses. This song brings a lot of elements, it has cool sounding high guitar parts with nice little bass parts that you can hear on your own. Killer drum parts this song gives everyone some screen time. Once the final song comes to an end you feel a little dead on the inside because this masterpiece and come to an end. Have no fear your friendly neighborhood replay button is here to save you in your time of distress. I have listened to this EP on numerous occasions from the initial release up until now. With every listen it feels like you are listening to it for the first time I will always recommend this EP to anyone, from a veteran of this genre all the way to the new listeners barely getting into this type of heaviness it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Don’t let me cloud your judgment, you can stream the EP here  or purchase it here if you liked what you heard give them a like I rate this EP 9.5 /10