Probably my favorite band right now. Im intrigued by how hard it is to find their music and merch. And their music just hits way too close to home (their vocalist mutilates him self too) Its not often that i connect with a band on this level. Epic fucking musicians. They deserve more fucking recognition.


 “Lewd Acts were one of the craziest and most intense bands from recent memory, with a style that effortlessly, chaotically, and offensively walked the fence of hardcore, punk, and metal. A typical Lewd Acts live show consisted of frontman, Tyler Densely, beating himself to a bloody pulp with a demonic smile. Needless to say, we were excited to work with the band, and in 2008 we released a split with their bro’s in Hour Of The Wolf, in an effort to give people a taste of what was soon to come. Apparently that taste was also enjoyed by the folks at Deathwish, who signed the band for their next (and final) album. Tre from Deathwish sent me a digital download of the record, which I angrily deleted. At least they didn’t break up right after the record we released came out! On a less bitter note, do yourself a favor and check out the bands split with Hour Of The Wolf. Recorded with Kurt Ballou (of Converge), with the finishing touch applied by The Blasting Room (Rise Against, Comeback Kid, NOFX), this thing is a monster. The vinyl is long sold out, limited to 666 copies (m/), but you can pick it up on iTunes, and there’s even a few CDs floating around.” – Ryan / Think Fast!


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Sorry no free download on this. But worth the money!

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