So, for my first installment on this damn site, I thought I would bring you something… (ahem) different. A good friend of mine showed me this band a couple months ago, and since then, I have listened to one of the 4 or so albums that I now own at least once a week.

Now, before you look at the thumbnail and shit your pants at the fact that there is a horn section, go grab some depends from your local Walgreens so you can shit your pants with no mess when you hear what these dudes can do. Jersey Band are clearly some “out there” dudes, but DAMN are they solid as fuck. Meshing some obvious ska influence with technical jazz style rhythmic sections and a crushing backing guitar, this band makes me feel like I should give up all hope and end it all. jkbutsrsly guys.

If you are like me, and were completely grooving to this, below are links to get more FUCKING JERSEY BAND!!!!