>Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed by us. Would you like to introduce your self to our readers?

No problem my dude! What’s up everyone, my names Jared but a lot of people might know me by Jay Sweepz/Crimewave420. Me and my friend Trevor Wells are the new guitarists of Extortionist!
>What the fuck happened to Nav. And will Natural Selection ever drop. 
I’ve never really explained openly what happened, but a few of the members just kind of had some personal problems in life or wanted to do other things so we decided it was just better to disband and move on. We do still plan on releasing our full length Natural Selection but we want to re-record parts of it to make sure our last release hits hard.

>How the fuck did you end up in Extortionist?
I’ve known Ben forever, and I had been wanting to join a new project for a few months and he came to me and asked if I would be down to fill Joel from RoS’ shoes! I’ve hung with the other dudes in Extortionist before and I love them so I’m stoked to start touring with my good friends
>Now that you’re in the band, what kind of influence do you want to have on the sound and overall vibe?
I wanna take the band in a more evil sounding direction, I’ve always been about really dark sounding music. A lot of my inspirations musically aren’t even metal, like I look up to rappers/producers like Spaceghostpurrp, Three 6 Mafia, and JayYeah hahaha.
also skeletons are pretty raw, expect to see a lot of those
>You live in Tacoma Wa, and i know Extortionist is based out of Spokane Wa. How does this work out? 
Spokane is only a few hours away, so me and the other guitarist Trevor who also lives down here would just Travel together
>What is your dream tour for Extortionist.
Whew god damn…I’m trying to tour with like Traitors, Villians, and Feign, probably some of the hardest hitters in the sludgewave game right now 
>Are you excited to be working with We Are Triumphant?
I’m super stoked on it, a lot of my favorite bands are signed with them so it’s tight to be label mates with them!

>Your beautiful face has gone viral. Did you expect your comical emmure cover to go viral so quickly?
That god damn video still haunts me, hahahaha. Nah I never expected that video to go anywhere like…I was just joking with a few friends on tumblr about Emmure and I made that in one take because my chair broke at the end of it and I was like “whatever fuck it it’s not like more than 10 people will see it” 
boy was I wrong 
>Message for the readers? Anything else you want our following to know?
Drop out if school, follow ya damn dreams, smoke reefer and listen to Death Grips while you disobey your parents. 
follow me on tumblr god dammit @ ayylmao.com