Greetings from America! Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed! Could you please introduce everybody in the band? Howya’goin from Straya!
– Darren, I yell at things. – Mike, I play guitar – Chris, i hold a bass – Tyson, I play drums – Frank, i play rhythm guitar and let Mike do all the fancy things.
Were you guys in other bands worth mentioning before Overlord came together?
Everyone minus Frank used to jam together, we played straight up Hardcore.
Its been a year since you guys release Sell You Soul. First off i must say, what an amazing release! I listen to it quite often when im working. It was featured as one of Australia’s Top Ten Releases for Mosh. Can you tell us a bit about that?
We listened to a lot of No Zodiac and Desolated. And we wanted to bring a new sound to Adelaide. We legitimately let Mike play his guitar and improvised. I guess thats how Sell Your Soul came around!
What material have you guys released since then?
At this present time we have released 2 new tracks from our EP “Dawn of Misanthropy.” Overlord and Unholy.
Who gets bragging rights for helping you guys out? Who helped you guys get to where you are now?
One big Bruting Russian. Maxim Kovalenko from Cruel Intentions.
Whats the music scene like in Australia?
In our city, the main influence seems to be Deathcore and Progressive Metalcore.
Can we expect to see you tour America in the future?
Yeah, we’d all love to. But unfortunately we can’t afford to at this present time.
If you guys could go on tour with any bands ever, who would they be? Whats Overlords dream tour?
Metallica Nihility No Zodiac Sentenced Harms Way
What is the writing process like for Overlord?
We usually sit in a room and jam and yell at each other for a few hours.
One of the things i really like about Overlord is the Misanthropic Lyrics. What ideals and opinions are responsible for these brutal lyrics that are like poetry to my ears?
Our lyrics are mainly concept based around genocide and the fall of humanity. A lot is based off opinions of the way the world works.
This question is a bit off topic, but will give you guys a chance to promote the venues that give you a stage and a home. If an american band were to tour Australia, what venues are worth getting booked at? Where were your most memorable shows.
The Underground in Adelaide is the best venue we’ve played at. Enigma bar is also a great venue aswell.
if we had to mention a few of our most memorable shows we would have to say
– we played a weekender in Melbourne, 2 of the 3 shows we played were held in a back yard and a shipping container. They were great seeing all these new faces for our first time in another state.
– We played a show at Fowlers supporting a band from Sydney called Graves. We played to close to 400 people. Our biggest attendance ever.
– Our first show we played at a night club expecting to have 10 people watching us. Instead we had close to 150 people to see us open for Aversions Crown.
What is the craziest fucking thing you guys have seen go down at one of your shows?
A Roger Federer looking fuck tried to shut down a house show we were playing in Melbourne. Ended up with us holding Tyson back from knocking him out.
And finally as we wrap up this interview, is there anything else you want my readers to know? Links? Other bands we should check out? And thank you for your time guys! Keep on keepin on!
Overpower, Cruel Intentions, Vicious Cycle, Cold front and Trolley Pole. Listen to these Australian bands.
One thing we would like to say: Support your local beatdown.
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