ASS is a Thrash band from the Austin/College Station areas of Texas. After recently putting out a couple of fast, heavy, pissed off EP’s, I figured I should grab an interview with their vocalist.
Thanks for taking some time for an interview. Would you like to introduce your self our readers?
Hi, I’m Jonny. I sing for the Texas Crossover Thrash band ASS. The rest of the band is made up of Matt (bass), Houston (guitar), James (guitar) and Reeve (drums).
When and how did the band start?
We started in April of 2012. James posted a craigslist ad about wanting to start a minor threat/black flag style hardcore punk band, and I responded. We worked on some songs one night at Matt’s house and he volunteered to play bass. A week or so later we were all at a party for a mutual friend, and Matt TOLD Houston and our first drummer Bobby that they were in the band and it was going to be called ASS. The next day we got together to practice for the first time, and the songs effortlessly just started take shape.
Were you guys in other bands before ASS that are worth mentioning? 
I played bass in a hardcore band called T.O.N out of the San Antonio area, Matt was in a band in the 90’s out of Austin called Gut, and is currently in about a thousand bands in addition to ASS. Houston was in a College Station black metal band called Throne of Odin, James fronted a melodic death metal band called Blood Magistrate and Reeve played drums in a punk band.
Who are your inspirations? Who got you into music?
Shit. Everything from early Metallica to Bad Brains. We all have different personal tastes and styles but it all mashes together pretty well covering a wide range of metal and punk influences.
Have you guys gotten to do any tours, or have y’all been staying local?
We haven’t toured yet, but are planning to do a short Texas tour this summer to try and play towns we haven’t been to yet. As of now we pretty much play Houston, Austin and everything in between pretty regularly. 
When you guys are jamming out, what is the writing process like? 
Houston or James will have a riff, and we pretty much build of off that. Reeve gives tons of input musically and is an amazing drummer, and Matt always has killer bass lines. I just drink too much beer and act like I’m paying attention to what’s going on. Then we do a live recording of the complete song, then I sit down and work up some lyrics about drugs, pizza, beer or the devil. 
What is your dream tour? What bands do you want to see ASS on tour with one day?
The awesome thing about being a Crossover style band is that we can play shows with everything from street punk to black metal bands. But we would love to tour with Municipal Waste, those dudes are a huge influence on me as well as Cro-Mags, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, and Discharge. There’s also this awesome band out of Venice, CA called The Shrine that would be rad to tour with, as well as our bros Venomous Maximus out of Houston, and The Blood Royale out of Austin. 
Are you guys planning on releasing an Ep or Record in 2014?
We just put out our 7″ EP “Work Sucks” on a DIY label out of Houston called Little T&A Records out of Houston thanks to Bill Fool of Hell City Kings and Born Liars, and a Cassette EP called “Speed Krusher” on my DIY label, Cerveza Records . We are in the process of mapping out and writing songs for a full length record, so hopefully that will be out on LP and CD by the end of 2014.
Any plans on Signing to a label, or are y’all planning on staying DIY?
We would love to work with a bigger label, but still stay within the realm of DIY records. There is a lot to be said for the amount of love and effort that goes into putting out a DIY record, and we aren’t exactly the type of band that would have major record producers knocking at the door to “sign” us. 
What is the most fulfilling part of being a musician?
Playing fast aggressive music is a huge stress reliever, its also pretty awesome when people get so excited about your band that they beat the crap out of each other slamming and stage diving, or sing words that you wrote, back to you. 
Is there anything else you want our readers to know before we wrap this up?
We are very grateful for all of the support we have gotten so far, and look forward to partying with every single one of you. So let us play your town!