I’m Ill. I’m Ill. I’m Ill. I’m Ill Informed. I recently snagged a quick interview from my good friend and former bandmate Esai Navarro who, along with Heath, started San Antonio hardcore band Ill Informed. Once again, Texas is flexing our hardcore muscle with these guys. 

Thanks for taking some time for an interview. Would you like to introduce your self our readers?
I’m Esai, I sing for a hardcore punk band called ill informed.
When and how did the band start?
It started in 2012 me and my guitarist (Heath Walker) wanted to make fast pissed off hardcore.
Were you guys in other bands before Ill Informed that are worth mentioning?
Yeah we’ve all been in multiple bands most not really worth mentioning. I met Heath when I was leaving for tour in my last band wasteoids, he was just suppose to fill in for our bassist that was injured at the time.  That was the most successful band I was ever in. Can’t really speak for everyone else.

Who are your inspirations? Who got you into music?
Inspirations come from everywhere. My parents got me into music. I’ve wanted to front a band since I was 12 and my cousin Shane got me into punk.
You’ve toured before, correct? How was it?
Long time ago. Haha, it was cool nothing really beats the feeling. We (ill informed) plan on doing some tours this year.
When you guys are jamming out, what is the writing process like?
It’s one of two ways. They write music, I put lyrics to it. Or I write lyrics and they write music to it. After that just tweak it till it’s to our liking.
What is your dream tour? What bands do you want to see Ill Informed on tour with one day?
Shit idk. Friends bands. Lots of friends bands.

Are you guys planning on releasing an Ep or Record in 2014?
February we will be releasing music. It will be good to finally have some solid stuff. I’m sure will will have more of a formal 7″ out this summer, we never stop writing.
Any plans on Signing to a label, or do y’all prefer the diy approach?
we’ve never really planned to be on a label cause we’re still a fairly new band. Too many bands start and wanna get signed and paid to tour. No one wants to put work in. We would rather get noticed than go out asking for favors, know what I’m sayin?
What is the most fulfilling part of being a musician?
Letting my frustrations out. It would suck if I couldn’t yell my thoughts and views. It really helps me.
Is there anything else you want our readers to know before we wrap this up?
Yeah, check out all upcoming Texas hardcore/punk bands
The sentenced, drug dogs, primal league, united races, not impressed, glue, common ignorance, and some more im sure i forgot. Thanks man.