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Thanks for doing this interview man. Im excited to let our readers know about how you guys are a complete band now! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how you guys came together? 

No problem man. My name is CJ i do vocals for Bury the rod. Nik and I have been friends basically since the first day we met. He played in my last band and after that fell apart we always talked about starting a heavy ass band together. Brandon was the next member to join and we all just met through some friends and clicked right away and after a few jams together it was a done deal. Our newest additions are Davey and Matt and we were just looking for like minded, driven musicians to fill the void in the band (Bass and Drums) and here we are.

When did the band start?

Well the idea of BTR started around 5 years ago and it went through a handful of ridiculous name ideas before we decided on Bury the Rod. Last summer is really when we started jamming as a full band though.

Do you miss the programmed drums haha? You guys got the job done none the less.

HA yes and no. It was cool knowing the drums would always be on time but to take the band to the next level we really needed live drums.

Were you guys in other bands before Bury The Rod that are worth mentioning?

My last band was called Swine Horde. We had a good run in austin and Nik was in that band for a while playing bass for us actually. Davey previously played bass for Set a Flame and I know Matt has played in countless bands of varying genres in austin.

Do you do any vocal exercises before doing your set? Any rituals or pre show preparations?

Honestly no not at all I usually just try to find the nearest and coldest beer and catch all the bands playing.

You guys are booked on some epic shows fests coming up like The Battle For Summer Slaughter and Death By South West. Can you fill us in on these events and how our readers can get tickets?
Glad you asked! Death By South West is actually going to be the Debut of our new 5 piece with Davey and Matt. It’s on March 8th at the Music Ranch in Austin, TX and you can get pre sales from us directly or you can go to DXSWFEST.COM. The only other show we have booked right now is April 26th and thats the Battle for Summer Slaughter which you can also get pre sales directly from us or any other band on the bill.

Are you guys planning on going on tour?

We plan on definitely getting a TX tour under our belts this year and hopefully more after that.

What is your dream tour? What bands do you want to see Bury The Rod on tour with one day?

Ohhh thats a hard one ummmm Behemoth, Meshuggah, Origin, Necrophagist and BDM would be a pretty insane one though.

Are there any individuals or organizations that played an important role in helping you guys get to where you are now? 

Death District Media and Illumnignarly have helped us out alot with getting us shows and exposure and just being cool ass dudes shout out to Brett, Gabe and Carlos thanks guys. There is quite a bit more people i could list right now but that would take a while. So to all our family, friends and fans who have supported us in anyway Thank you BTR isn’t going anywhere and thats thanks to yall.

Are you guys planning on releasing any new material in 2014 like an album or ep?

Expect to always be hearing new stuff from us we are constantly jamming and writing material cause this is what we love to do. Right now we are planned to do a 3 song EP in the new few months and a Full length will follow that.

Anything else you would like our readers to know as we wrap this up?

Wherever you are reading this at GO TO YOUR LOCAL SHOWS! Support local musicians and companies! If you want a good scene you gotta support it. Thanks for the interview guys see yall at DXSW!

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