Our friends in Heroinme just took 1st place the other night at Headbang For The Highway!!! 2 more rounds to go!!! Show them some support!!!

“Congratulations to our Headbang For The Highway Showcase winners heroinme and Fire From the Gods for January 26 in Austin, TX. They will each be performing a regional date onThe All Stars Tour. In addition our runner up “Fear and Wonder” will advance with our two winners to the second of 3 rounds to win the entire tour. Honorable mention also goes out to Taking on Poseidon. The bill was completely stacked and the show was amazing!” – Headbang For The Highway

Congratulations to Austin’s heroinme and Fire From the Gods for winning the first round of the Headbang for the Highway Showcase and securing a regional date on The All Stars Tour! Heroinme and Fire From the Gods, along with Houston’s Fear and Wonder, will advance to the second of three rounds for a chance to win a spot on the entire tour! m/ – ATX Metalist