Since the beginning of time, or since the existence of music rather, Musicians have covered songs by their idols and influences. If you have ever been in a band or had an interest in playing an instrument you too have probably played cover songs. In the past few years a lot of amazing new bands have been popping up and they are responsible for this fresh wave of studio recorded cover songs of classic bands like Korn, Mudvayn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Pantera, Rob Zombie, and Popa Roach. I grabbed a few off youtube and threw them bellow for your jamming pleasure. The gnarliest part about the whole thing is the unique twist each band puts on their cover when the song reaches a climax and they drop into a down beat breakdown or groove. Simply Fucking Epic. Take a trip down memory lane and listen to these epic covers performed by heavy hitting bands such as. Feign, Immoralist, Upon A Burning Body, Extortionist, The Plot In You,  Sworn In, Dealey Plaza, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Gift Giver, and Vanities.