What’s going on everybody? I just got an interview with Edgar Gonzalez, vocalist of the San Antonio hardcore band Blunt Object. None of these guys are new to the San Antonio scene by any stretch of the imagination, and it shows in their ep Deceive the Eye. Raw, heavy, and pissed off at the way everyone is viewed by the government, it’s definitely a good listen.

SHDCVLT: Thanks for taking some time out to do this interview, man. Would you like to introduce yourself our readers?

BO: Blunt Object is a piece band composed of five members. Edgar –Vocals. Omar – Drummer. Chris –Guitar/lead. Paul – Guitar. Richard – Bass  

Were you or any of the other guys in any other bands worth mentioning before Blunt Object? I know you were in Out Crowned prior to this.

We have all been in bands before to joining Blunt Object but the Three worth mentioning would have to be Omar and Paul. Omar our drummer, was in a punk/thrash band called Criminals of Assault who later changed their name to Last legs. Paul our guitarist was the bassist for the famous Afflictive Nature. Finally Richard who use to play for HardSide.

How did you guys come up with Blunt Object?

The way we came up with Blunt Object was every time after practice we would sit in our jam room and just thinking about it. It got really frustrating after a while. I’m sure everyone gets like that. Finally inspiration struck me, Edgar our vocalist, when I started hitting financial problems to the max. It was all with the government. We are nothing more but Objects in line being thrown into the fire by the thousands to fuel the filthy greed. We need to have a voice and be Blunt before our time is up.
All of this was inspiration enough to come up with Deceive The Eye and Blunt Object.

Now, you guys are from San Antonio, much like myself. What’s the scene looking like nowadays?

The scene now a day is looking pretty tight for the future. It’s defiantly much more different than what it used to be. When everyone had “meat head, get out of way or my friends and I will beat you up if I see you in the pit”. Now a lot of us older chaps our friends with the new up and coming hardcore scene. I take upon myself to introduce my band mates and I to someone we haven’t met yet. I believe this way he/she won’t be so scared to show up next time and most likely avoid confrontation with person in the later future. I mean starting off in the scene and seeing a bunch of kids swinging at you isn’t really ideal for an outsider that does not understand what’s going on.
He/she needs an inside perspective by an “insiders” eyes. When it all comes down we’re all the same no matter what you think we are.

What made you guys decide to start making music together? 

It all started off Omar and I(Edgar). I would bring his guitar over to Omar’s house and just play punk music. We would even play cover from kids like us and Metallica just to practice our skills. A few weeks of doing this and we decided to one day start a band. Omar had a friend by the name Chris he later became our guitar player. It was just the three of us for a while. Then came Paul, he finally joined as bass then moved on to guitar. Our current bassist Richard recently came to us in the nick of time. Things look like we’ll have a solid line up for the remaining of our Blunt Object career.

Tell me about the way you guys write your songs. Who does what?

The way we write songs is Chris our guitar player would disappear for days. I(Edgar) would write lyrics in my spare time. Finally we would all get together and Chris would show off his masterpiece. Omar would throw in his sick fills. Paul would come up with as much as he can and finally Richard would come in with a sick bass solo. That’s how to write a song The Blunt Way.

You guys put out Deceive the Eye in June of last year. What’s been going on since then? 

Since putting out DTE, we’ve made a lot of progress. We met Task x Force Records, we met Life to Live Record, and we currently talking to a new label. We’re keeping this on the down low till we put our next EP out. We’ve also hit different cities. Laredo, McAllen, Houston, Austin, our next to dates our Corpus and Dallas.

What’s your best show memory so far? Anything crazy ever happened while you guys were playing?

We once played at a place called black note galleria. It was a small place. I say 15 ft in width and 30 lengths. We played our song intro/final thoughts and during the song a man kicks a hole the size of a person into the wall. Probably the coolest things I’ve seen. Another moment was the first time we played in our home town. Seeing people sing our songs at our first show was the best and craziest moments.

What do you guys do on your off time?

On our time off we try to set everything aside and just remember that we were all friends before any of this happened to us. We watch a lot of movies at the theaters. Go to a show. Go out of town and visit the beach once in a while.  Play video games most recent GTA 5 and Super Smash Bros. Eat, Sleep, etc. Our normal lives aren’t that exciting.
Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years? What’s the plan?
 5 years from now I see us doing tours on bigger scale. Hopefully we’ll be on the road for months at a time. If the band does end up falling through and disperse we’ll look back on it and say it was good run. We will all probably still be going to shows. A lot of started off in this thing as young 12 and 13. It’s a way of life.

What are your plans for 2014? Do you guys have plans for a full length album this year? What about touring?

 2014 will probably be our biggest year yet. We have Far From Human a four song ep with two bonus tracks. Two labels are already looking to put it out.  The hard part is deciding.  This information is also on the down low. I probably already said too much. Touring will take place in the summer with our good friends in Signals and Tensions.  We’ll be on the road for two weeks doing a tour of the west coast while also hitting all of Texas.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

If there’s anything I could say now it would be, show someone who wants to be different something new. Don’t leave them in the dark unaware of what there is out there. There’s a lot of these post hardcore fans out there, bands like Expire and Rotting Out are doing it right. Showing people that there is more than just a catchy tune with big overpriced names out there. It’s not all about the money drugs or fame.   There’s meaning in what and heart in what we do. This is why we do what we do.

-Blunt Object.
Make sure to check these guys out over at  http://bluntobject.bandcamp.com 
Follow them on their Twitter account @BluntObjectTX