Crafting the Conspiracy is a Melodic Death Metal outfit from Kermit/Odessa, Texas. 

They consist of:

Josh Miranda – Vocals
Sebastian “Thundercat” Bracamontes – Guitar
Ryan Melendez – Guitar
Marcus Denzel Willams – Bass
Gil Gon – Drums.
Human Error is a seven track EP the tracks are:
1. Intro
2. Paradise Lost
3. Earthbound
4. Intrinsic Distortion
5. No Solace, Only Solitude
6. Human Error
7. I, Overlord
I am coming in blind when reviewing this EP at the time I only gave them a like on Facebook and never checked out any of their material. From listening to this EP I acquire a strong “As Blood Runs Black” mixed with just a faint dash of “Alterbeast”. Crafting the Conspiracy has the potential to become a Tech Death band if they wanted to.
The intro to “Human Error” sets the mood for the entire EP, the drums are fast and the guitars give off a pissed off sound that is very subtle, I love the end of the intro where the guitars fade away but they come back in the second track called “Paradise Lost”. The EP is filled with complexity of guitar work, it leaves the listener wanting more and that is exactly what “Crafting The Conspiracy” does; they deliver some of the best guitar work I have heard in a while from start to finish all jammed packed into this seven song EP.
One of my favorite songs is the third track titled “Earthbound” the song gives off so much energy, everything about this song is fantastic. The guitar work keeps the listener occupied along with the lyrics or the listener could switch off and listen to just drums and still be blown away how much stuff is going on.
This song has one of the catchiest rhythm guitar parts that once the song is over, you will be playing the part in your head over and over. The lead guitar just shreds there is no other way of to explain it “Earthbound” has a very tasteful guitar solo that brings you back to your listening to Thrash Metal days.
The overall EP is a masterpiece I would recommend to anyone who is barely getting into Death Metal, there are too many elements in this EP to name that mold it into what makes it “Human Error” the EP name speaks for itself. The listener can feel the emotion the band is projecting “Crafting the Conspiracy” made sure to target everything any listener would want to hear.
Overall the EP kept my ears happy until the very end, once it was over I did not hesitate on hitting the reply button to start over the fine musical journey  “Crafting The Conspiracy” send you on. Keep your eyes peeled on these guys once this EP comes out, there is nothing that will stand in their way.
I give this EP a 9/10  The EP comes out November 13th you can pre order the EP here
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