Bill $aber
twitter @blckgoku

Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for the Super Happy Death Cult webzine. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do.

Hello class, LOL, I’m Bill $aber, your neighborhood chaos curator. And I, curate chaos =]

When did you get started? And how did the name come together?

I put a video up, OG ass video lmao, I was freestyling to Childish Gambino Freaks and Geeks, and a lot of feedback was positive. The name comes from my Hometown Professional Football Team and our Professional Hockey teams, IDK I just wanted to represent the hometown and I thought it was cleverly legendary.

Did you mess with any other genres or forms of music before getting into hip-hop and rap?

I did not, only rap 24/7?

Who gets bragging rights for helping you get to where you are now?

Mama $aber, she the reason I can sniff bullshit out and you’ll go really far in life if you can sniff bull shit out. You just won’t let anyone tell you anything. And God. for creating me and being there when no one else was.

If you could go on tour with anybody, who would the roster consist of? What would be your dream tour?

My Dream Tour? I don’t know what that is, but a tour will happen in the future with my Ye, Travis, and Jefferey.

Where there any significant obstacles or hard times that you had to overcome to get here today? What was the darkest moment in your personal come up?

Overcoming being homeless with my whole family was so hard, lmao. I truly look back at all the times I wanted to quit. The darkest moment was working non-stop searching for the results you know are coming in the future. It’s only dark because, in those stages, no one is checking on you, you feel so alone. Yeah.

Are there any important video or music releases you have coming out soon that we should know about?

Yes, Videos for most of my SoundCloud, meaning Creepin and Lurkin, and I bought some beats from Ronnyj and that should be an Ep that takes us to Year Of The Ram which should be dropping early fall.

Any upcoming shows you want to plug?

Yeah, Come see me and Lil Tracy live in Rochester, Ny. Tracy go dumb, I go dumb, you can’t lose. Ay. No humans, only animals.

Where can my readers stream your music and what site is best if they want to follow you? Where are you most active?

Music will be in all the digital stores asap, I literally just sent it off to be reviewed, until then Soundcloud, youtube. I’m active on everything, I’m not super poppin so ill catch a dm, mention, email every day. just might be delayed cause the traffic is raising.

As we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to include for our readers. Anything important I missed?

Only animals come to the $aber $how.