1. Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for the Super Happy Death Cult webzine. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do. I’m YUNG DMIZE, I’m a hip hop artist currently in Oxnard California, originally from the High Desert.

2. When did you get started? And how did the name come together? I grew up heavily influenced by East Coast hip hop as well as hardcore/punk, one of my favorite bands being DMIZE from NY which definitely sparked the idea for my current name. I have been rapping since I was in middle school and started shittily recording myself on GarageBand using iPod headphones as a mic but was too self-conscious to actually put it out. I’ve only just started putting my music out since the beginning of 2017.

3. Did you mess with any other genres or forms of music before getting into hip-hop and rap? I grew up playing drums in different hardcore/punk bands and I currently do vocals for a band called Morbid Visions. I’ve always felt the two styles and cultures go hand in hand.

4. Who gets bragging rights for helping you get to where you are now? I would have to give the biggest shout-outs to Steady Burnt gang and the dude DVRX. My homie Whobangin’ is one of my biggest motivators constantly pushing me to make songs out of my comfort zone and always the first person I send tracks to for honest feedback. DVRX has produced almost all of my music to date and is still producing amazing beats for a plethora of different artists. Last but not least I have to shout out my girl for giving me nothing but support and sometimes even forcing my lazy ass to record when I don’t feel like it.

5. If you could go on tour with anybody, who would the roster consist of? What would be your dream tour? Whobangin’, BeeaReaYeDee, Big L and Madball 

6. Where there any significant obstacles or hard times that you had to overcome to get here today? What was the darkest moment in your personal come up? My whole life I grew up being told I wasn’t shit and have always been self-conscious of almost everything I do publicly. I came up in a broken home and lived on my own from about 14 on, so all of that fuels me musically, lyrically and pushes me to have impeccable work ethic.

7. Are there any important video or music releases you have coming out soon that we should know about? I just dropped a tape called DEATH//OPTIONZ and am working on some more material with the homie DVRX and I’m also starting work on an EP being produced by Whobangin’. I have a few music videos up on YouTube and more to come in the near future.

8. Any upcoming shows you want to plug? I have no plans to play any shows currently while I try and get these next few releases done but I need to play a first show eventually, so book me!

9. Where can my readers stream your music and what site is best if they want to follow you? Where are you most active? SoundCloud is the most active site but I also have music posted up on Bandcamp for free download. Follow me on Insta as well for updates as they come. https://soundcloud.com/yungdmize, https://yungdmize.bandcamp.com, and yungdmize on Insta.

10.  As we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to include for our readers. Anything important I missed? Nah, just a shoutout to Brett Deadly for giving me the opportunity!