I’m a huge supporter of Pure Deathcore. So when music scene entrepreneur Troy Greene started a band i was immediately converted into a fan. No questions asked. This is one of those rare situations where we can be sure the band is sick just because Troy runs such a sick company and has such clean work ethic. When i finally got a chance to listen to a teaser from his band i was blown away by fast angst driven technical riffage and dark blackened death-grooves. This band is sick. And their front man is a huge contributor to the scene. I just had to get the interview….

Deadly: Thanks for taking some time from your busy schedule to be interviewed by for shdcvlt. Could you please introduce your self to our readers?

Troy: Absolutely man. I’m Troy Greene, owner/creator of Pure Deathcore and vocalist for Death Metal/Deathcore band VÆN.

Deadly: Nice to formally meet you man! Ive been a follower of Pure Deathcore for a minute! And i’m also a fan of your new band. Who are your band mates and what roles do they play in the band?

Troy: That’s awesome to hear man! Yeah I’ve been keeping an eye on your company for a bit. It’s nice to see your page growing! Well as you know, I’m the vocalist. Haha. And our current lineup is: Kevin Migues – Guitar Jazz Murray – Guitar James Shaffer – Guitar Casey McLain – Drums We are currently trying out a bassist, who will go unnamed for now, as we parted ways with ours a month or so ago due to us having such a demanding practice schedule.

Deadly: Good to know you guys are working so hard that mother fuckers cant keep up haha! So how did you guys come together? Where did you meet? How did the idea come about?

Troy: Haha. Exactly! Kevin, Jazz, and myself were actually in a band together when I was 14/15 years old. It was our very first band and we were just awful! Lol. It was a Deathcore band named In Flew Enza and we were all sick but we could not find a drummer who could keep up at all… That’s why we are so thankful to have Casey as our drummer. He is phenomenal! Anyway, the idea for VÆN actually came to me one day while I was in rehab a few years back (I had a rough time getting my shit together when I was younger). But anyway, it was a free 3 month cult-like Southern Baptist Christian rehab where they brainwash you into believing faith in Christ will keep you from a bad path instead of focusing on the problem at hand and working towards recovery. Every morning this guy would yell at us all aggressively condemning us for our “sins”. And during one of his yelling sessions I started writing down the word VAIN over and over. From that moment on I decided that I was going to form a band named VAIN (we changed to VÆN due to the name being taken) and push it to be as successful as I possibly could “in vain” of there psychotic view on life. And after many failed attempts at forming this band with numerous musicians around me I finally settled with the guys I’m with now. We are constantly pushing each other to be better musicians. This is the first band I’ve ever been in where creating music isn’t work… It’s just a natural vibe and the music just flows out of us.

Deadly: That’s the best type of band. Where everybody just clicks. Its fucking magic man. And how gnarly! So many band names these days where thought up by narcissists just trying to be cool or edgy. The backstory behind the name is quite refreshing! And i know a lot of my readers can relate your story. So you have a debut single titled “The Day The Sun Died” I heard your teaser and i’m loving what I’m hearing! When can we expect the single to drop and where can we get a copy?

Troy: We are currently finishing up the last few touches on the single and then we will be sending it off to Buster Douglas Odeholm from Vildhjarta/Humanity’s Last Breath/Impact Studio in Sweden to get it mixed/mastered. So, I’m thinking we should have it ready in about a month from now. We will be premiering it exclusively through the PureDeathcoreTV channel as well as many other websites for purchase/download.

Deadly: Awesome. Ill throw up your links on and as well to help out when it drops! So would i be wrong if i thought this single was foreshadowing a possible ep or full length dropping some time this year?

Troy: Your absolutely right! We will be releasing a 6 track EP titled “Perpetual Darkness” Sometime later this year! We just released the official album cover with the teaser as well


Deadly: Ill be dead by the time it drops. The anticipation is going to gut me in my sleep….Merch! I want a VÆN shirt so bad. Can we expect merch to drop soon too!?

Troy: I know right! We are all so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working so hard on. We are working with a few designers and are planning to print some merch shortly before or after our single release!

Deadly: Music dropping! Merch Dropping! I am beyond excited! So what would be your personal dream tour lineup for VÆN? You can bring musicians and broken bands back from the dead if you want.

Troy: Well, my DREAM show would be to play with Tool. Lol. But, as far as a perfect tour with bands that I personally think would work well with our certain style of Blackened Deathcore/Death Metal would be with Cattle Decapitation, Rose Funeral, Molotov Solution, Lorna Shore, Aversions Crown, and A Night In Texas. It’d also be really cool to play a show with System Of A Down and Deftones. We actually play a cover of Molotov Solution’s song Corpus Imperium live!

Deadly: Dope! I love Molotov Solution. I would be sick to see you play that live! Any plans of touring!

Troy: We’ve got a lot of things in the works. Of course it’s all a process of getting everything we need to hit the road… But, we absolutely have been talking to some sick bands about setting up some really amazing tours. I’m not at liberty to discuss all the details yet, just know it’s going to blow some people’s minds straight out the gate! We’ve got some big shows coming up with Bermuda, Demolisher, Unearth, Reflections, Ringworm, etc. We’ve already played with Abiotic for our second show. So, every show we’ve got so far is huge! It’s very humbling seeing the amount of support we’ve received being such a new band.

Deadly: Hell yea, i think there is a lot of sweat, blood, and hard work behind your bands current successes. Just keep pushing forward man! As we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like our readers to know? And thank you so much for your time Troy!

Troy: Just everyone keep your eyes out for VÆN here in 2016! Every bit of support means the absolute world to us. Thanks for having me Brett! Long live shdcvlt!

Deadly: To the readers; I hope you enjoyed this interview. Please show Troy and his band as much support as you can by sharing this interview. If your not following his company on facebook you should be. Here is a list of links to connect you to his network and band. Stay humble guys!