1. Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for the Super Happy Death Cult webzine. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do.

Thanks for the opportunity! I’m Past/Reaper Mane, one third of the Colorado rap collective WAVY666. I produce, network, design the graphics and make music for the collective. Pretty much anything you see, in regards to our shit, is done by myself.

2. When did you get started? And how did the name come together?

Funny story, Wavy came to be in 2012 back when PM (Co-founder) and I were freshman in high school. Back then we were putting out some pretty trash, hyphy style tracks. We did that shit for like a year and it was going nowhere so the project was put aside, and I went on to other musical stuff. It wasn’t until about eight months ago we re-branded, and started putting out what you’re hearing today. As far as the name, the name came to be long before a lot of these SoundCloud cats started putting “wavy” on everything. I’m pretty sure we just thought the shit sounded cool and went with it. It’s just kinda stuck to us now so we’re running with it.

3. Did you mess with any other genres or forms of music before getting into hip-hop and rap?

Bro, since day one music has been my thing. I was never good at physical art, sports, or any shit like that, I was always drawn to music. I’m really into metal, like most of these dudes are these days. Haha. This whole rappers being into metal is somewhat of a new concept to me. I thought I was the only one, now there’s a whole gang of ’em out here. I’m actually currently in a metal band I started called FUBAR. We’re working on our third album. As far as metal goes, I’m super into early 80’s thrash, death, and speed metal. Some of the new shit that’s out is pretty good too. Other influences come from punk, jazz, a lot of early 90’s rap, and I even bump classical from time to time. I’m super open about music. My Spotify song playlist is all kinds of fucked up, haha. I’ve always had a love for rap though. It just took me a while to delve deep into, somewhat of a nerd stage to find out what I was really into.

4. Who gets bragging rights for helping you get to where you are now?

As far as I’m concerned, we still aren’t shit. Recently, however, our numbers (SC stats) have nearly doubled. I attribute that heavily to two things. Larger artists, and other cats reposting our shit on their own volition, and these kids that bump our shit all day, every day. We have SoundCloud Pro now, and it’s crazy to see that certain people are bumping our songs like 50-200 times a day. That shit’s insane to me. We appreciate the love though, just didn’t expect it to come so quick, or at least I didn’t.

5. If you could go on tour with anybody, who would the roster consist of? What would be your dream tour?

Dude, I’d probably set up some fucked up, mixed genre tour, with hardcore and metal bands. I think that’d be dope. But, if we’re talking about rappers, I’d like to set up an underground tour with some of these internet homies I have, anchored by a larger act. I really fuck with Boosie, Flatbush Zombies, and Earl Sweatshirt right now. It’s way too hard for me to give you one artist I’d want us to tour with. I’m into way too much shit, haha.

6. Where there any significant obstacles or hard times that you had to overcome to get here today? What was the darkest moment in your personal come up?

I think we’re still in those hard times, dude. I just moved out of my parent’s house, working 45-55 hour work weeks, only to barely scrape by, All whilst trying to put this music out, and chase a dream I’ve had since I was young. As an artist, you face dark times every day, especially when you’re stuck where I’m at. I am way too critical with myself when it comes to my art, and what I put out. I think that’s the biggest struggle for me, this lingering self-doubt.

7. Are there any important video or music releases you have coming out soon that we should know about?

Yeah! Once we get time to shoot them, that is. Our schedules constantly conflict each others. We have one coming out for “Maniacal” which is our biggest track without a feature. We’re also contemplating putting one out for “Gotta Get Away (Pt. 1&2)”. We have big plans, just need time to make them come to fruition.

8. Any upcoming shows you want to plug? (Don’t forget your city and state and possible links)

Dude, we have absolutely ZERO connections in our home city. So, shows for us are few and far between. We stay more so focused on putting out good content consistently. The shows will come later on, when there’s a larger demand for them to happen.

9. Where can my readers stream your music and what site is best if they want to follow you? Where are you most active?

The place to find our music is SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com/wavycrew666). We try to drop a track or two every week on there, so be sure to check us out. On the social media side of things, Facebook is where we are most active. We always reply to messages, features are free (if we fuck with you), we’re always down to chop it up with fans. Our facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/wavy666/

10. As we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to include for our readers. Anything important i missed?

First off, I want to shout out Brett, and Super Happy Death Cult for y’alls continuous support. We have a lot of new projects in the works, in different styles of hip-hop. We are not a one-trick pony, and we are not like the rest of these cats. Soon enough everyone will see that. Stay tuned, and shout out to all the family and fans who support us. Y’all never go unnoticed.

Artist: Wavy666

SC: https://soundcloud.com/wavycrew666

Twitter: @wavycrew666