I recently sat down with the “Of Ruins” boys, who are a death metal/deathcore outfit from San Antonio, Texas. Here is what they have to say.
Of Ruins is:
Randy Cadena (Vocals)
John Gonzalez (Guitar)
Christopher Sanchez (Bass)
David Sanchez Jr. (Drums)
Can you introduce you guys to the readers?
David: I’m David Sanchez, drummer for Of Ruins.
John: I’m John, I play guitar.
Randy: My name is Randy, I do vocals.
How and when did you guys become a band?
Randy: It started in 2009, with other members at the time, we wanted to do something for fun. Then it eventually turned into something serious, and how you see us today.
How did you guys come up with the band name?
Randy: I wanted something simple and to the point. Easy to remember, and something that fits along the heavy sub-genre we were trying to go for at the time. So it kind of just fit perfectly, and things just fell into place.
Monarch of Secrecy is four months old how was the writing process like for the EP?
John: Well I only wrote three songs on the EP, our previous guitar player wrote the other two. It started with me just coming up with riffs then putting them all together then showing them to the guys. It was a rather easy process. A lot of the songs came together pretty easily.
Randy: As far as the lyrical content goes, I wanted to spread a message to the people. I’m all about being straight forward with my words. There’s corruption, greed all around. You gotta spread the message somehow. And with me, that’s with music.
How did you come up with the theme for the EP does it tie in with your message?
Randy: Yes. With the way things are going in this world, we are blinded to see the true picture of what society and humanity really is. The world is a disgusting place, and it is us who have to band together, if we ever want change. My message in the EP is explained as simplistic as possible. We can’t let a false ruler overtake us.
When can we expect new music from you guys?
Randy: We’re actually in the process as we speak writing new tunes. There is no official release, but we are surely stepping up our game with the new material for you guys.
John: It will definitely be different from monarch. It will still be heavy and aggressive but we’re trying things we’ve never tried before as well.
You guys went on tour a few weeks ago with Advocate how did it go?
Randy: The tour went fantastic! The most memorable moment and show was the second to last date in Monroe, LA. When I said to punch someone in the face, they would literally punch people in the face. No fights, just everyone having a good time.
David: Tour went great it was definitely an experience. We played to some dope crowds.. and the bros in Advocate were very welcoming to us.
Randy: There’s a video somewhere of David showing his ass to the Advocate dudes. If you find it, have a nice laugh.
David: Smh
Any crazy stories you would like to share?
Randy: Besides the ass story I just mentioned? Nothing I could think of at the moment.
David: Speeding ticket?? Ahahaha
Randy: Oh yeah, the speeding ticket story. Hahaha.
David: The first attempt to flash my ass to Advocate….and a highway patrol clocks us in going 97 in 75, hahaha classic
John: The first time our bassist has ever gotten a ticket too hahaha
David: Sad story, really lol
Randy: You can say we failed miserably, but it was still one fucking laugh. A ticket just to show ass. Haha.
John: Chris, our bassist, would probably elaborate more if he was here haha
Randy: He’s probably eating ass somewhere, anyways.
David: Lucky lol
What advice can you give new bands wanting to play shows?
Randy: Practice makes perfect. Practice until you feel you’re completely ready for shows. Do NOT rush into playing shows, you never know who is going to be watching you in the crowd.
David: Practice, practice, practice, indeed.
David: Take it slow, be patient, because becoming established isn’t going happen over night.
John: Definitely practice, also work on your writing. Make every song sound the best that it can be.
David: And be sure that it’s REALLY what you want to do…because if not, then don’t waste your time. Playing shows and being part of a band takes real dedication and time and if you’re serious about it, things will happen for you.
What is your dream tour with you guys on the bill?
John: Either Machine Head or Fear Factory.
Randy: I’ve always wanted to tour with The Black Dahlia Murder. It has always been a dream of mine to even do anything with them a part of it.
David: Same.
Randy: Shit, count me in to tour with Paramore one day, too.
David: Lol
John: Shit in that case, Rise Against or Social Distortion lol.
Randy: Paramore is a guilty pleasure of mine. Catch us on the road jamming “Riot” to a city near you.
If you were stuck on a deserted island what three items would you already have on you?
David: Pussy, Money, Weed, lmao
Randy: A Spatula, some glue, and tampons. Don’t ask question…. Just kidding. My iPod, Monster Energy, and a documentary on how 9/11 was an inside job.
John: A guitar, iPod, and lighter.
Anything else you would like to tell the readers before we go?
Randy: Bush did 9/11
David: Appreciate your time today
John: Thank you for all the support!
Randy: No, but seriously, thanks for the continued support from all over the place. I did not expect to have so much positive feedback towards our EP. We’ll see everyone soon!
David: Yeah, thank you guys! Be on the lookout for more material soon!
You can give a like to Of Ruins here
Check out their EP “Monarch of Secrecy