Nicho Brewer, thanks so much for taking a little bit of time to be interviewed. Would you like to introduce yourself? 

-Hello everyone, my name is Nicho Brewer and I am the vocalist of Victims.

Who else is in your band? 

 -The other members in Victims are Abraham Regalado who plays rhythm guitar, Anthony Williams who plays Lead guitar, Meredith Henderson who plays Drums, and John Michael who plays bass guitar. 

Were you guys in any other bands worth mentioning before Victims got started?

-Yes there is one band worth mentioning, The band is A Devil For Me, that was Victims’ old band name, some people may know or remember us by that name, we played a few shows here and there, one day after a show we all got together and we decided to change the band name which is how Victims was created. 

Are there any individuals or organizations that played an important role in getting you guys to where you are now. Is there anybody you would like to thank? 

-Yes there are a couple people and organizations we would like to thank. First off, all of our fans of course; without them we couldn’t have gotten as far as we have. Also, Sam Bottner who Produced a majority of our music, all of our guest vocalists on our tracks, all the promotion pages who have shared our music and put some of our songs onto compilation CD’s. Lastly, we would like to thank our friends and family for supporting us, and Mason Starkey for our album art work, and we would also like to thank everyone who did designs for our merchandise/logos, and Mikel Galati for printing our merchandise. 

You guys just release an ep titled Sickness and let me say…Its fucking amazing! Why did you guys go with the name Sickness for the title? 

-We went with Sickness Vol: 1 as the title because well 1) this is the first volume of a 3 part concept album and 2) It pertains to mental illness (manic depressive, depression, etc) Your sick in the head, you have a hard time relating with anyone else, it’s something that just doesn’t go away. Our drummer Meredith, this album hits home for her and is not an attempt to glamorize suicide or depression but is a reminder that she survived and is currently beating chronic depression. Whenever our drummer is feeling down or having an anxiety / panic attack she writes. Everything that she is thinking or feeling she tries to put on paper that’s why none of the lyrics are happy because whenever she writes she is usually in a bad state of mind. The lyrics are a mix between personal struggle and just someone who is a cynic viewing the world a lot differently then most people do. Meredith wrote most of the lyrics and some of the lyrics were made in a group from all of us.

-What’s the story behind the vibe of this ep release? 

-The whole vibe to this release is supposed to be dark, cynical, and unpleasant. A lot of the inspiration lyrical especially was from horror movies, the killing joke (one of my all time favorite comics), and people that struggle with mental illness. The constant paranoia of never being good enough for anyone or anything and never being happy with who you are as a person. 

The album work is amazing. Who did it? And what’s the story behind it?

-Mason Starkey did our album Art work There isn’t really a story to the artwork except that the symbol on the side means bad luck and the building behind the skull resembles an insane asylum which you will see for future releases. 

How long have you been doing vocals? Do you do vocal exercises to get your vox on point like that? Whats your secret? 

-I have been doing Vocals for about 3 years now, I first got involved with singing, and when I started getting into heavier music I just decided to experiment with my voice, and then realized that I think I sound better screaming then singing. I do a little singing stuff on the side for fun though. 

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You guys have shared the stage with some amazing bands such as Traitors, Kublai Kahn, Black Tongue, Veil Of Maya and The Last 10 Seconds Of Life, just to name a few. What were these experiences like and have they inspired you? 

-To share the stage with all these bands that are listed was such an honor, all we had were good vibes and good hangs and the experience was incredible, we wish to continue sharing the stage with some more amazing bands. 

If you could go on tour with any bands you want, what would those bands be. What would be your dream tour? 

– My dream tour is Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for My Valentine, Trivium, Atreyu, and Three days grace 

What can we expect in the future from Victims? 

-You can Expect more Tours/runs, more merchandise, more music of course, and Big announcements coming soon. 

 As we wrap this us. Is there anything else you want our readers to know? 

-Yes we want the readers to know to keep jamming to Victims’ (Sickness) E.P. We would LOVE to hear the feedback.

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