Can you introduce yourselves to the readers?
I’m Michael Montoya I play Guitar in Goliath.
How and when did you guys become a band? 
It started out as another band called Consider Her Dead. When that band fell apart and broke up Goliath was formed out of some of the members. We just wanted to play heavier more aggressive music. When it started we really didn’t expect people to like it as much as they did. It was crazy to us people cared at all about the music we made.
Vendetta with the World has been out for almost five years, why the huge gap?
It’s been like 3 years haha. We released some singles after that and a cover EP but honestly it’s a few things. For one we kept having vocalist issues. People would come in then decide touring isn’t for them or whatever the case may be. It made recording new music tough. We have so many songs unreleased cause of the 2nd singer issues we have had. Darkest Dawn was tracked around Halloween of 2014 and it just took forever to get everything together to release it. We just had problem after problem that’s why it took over a year to come out. It’s kinda fucked up if you think about it. We will never deal with a process like that again though.
Darkest Dawn has just been released, it’s fantastic what was the writing process? 
Thank you!! Basically how writing for us works is I just pre pro everything at my studio show the guys and see if they like it or not. Usually after that our drummer Kevin will come in and tell me the changes he would make on drums. After we have a solid instrumental we will pre pro vocals for the track. With these songs I wanted the vibe to be really dark. Our lyrics have always been more personal so me and Corey (our singer) reached in and talked about stuff that’s hard to talk about. @Recooperated is about one of my childhood best friends killing himself and Down the Drain is about a long relationship Corey had falling apart. Musically I wanted it to have better song structure and catchier hooks. So we wanted it to be darker but also catchier at the same time. We wanted our influence from bands like Behemoth and Dimmu to be more in your face but do it in a more hardcore influenced way. We have always loved mixing metal and hardcore together in different ways. If you think about it all the best bands in heavy music do just that they go together so well! I’ll never understand people against the crossover idea. Just want to say we got Todd from Nails to do guest vocals and I can die happy now.
What are some plans for 2016? 
We don’t really have anything honestly our future is very up in the air. We will probably at least release some more music. The process of this EP kinda hurt us a lot to be honest. We put in so much work and everything kinda went wrong haha. The songs are dope and we love them. Having Jordan from XKingX join the band was awesome and he killed it. So I don’t know honestly we all kinda have other things going for us at the moment. We have been a band for about 5 years and it’s been our lives but at this point we haven’t really grown and it kinda seems maybe we have over stayed out welcome. So I don’t know maybe we will just do it for fun or maybe we will call it a day and end on a high note. If we do end it you can expect to hear music coming from most of us though. I can’t speak for the other guys but I’ll make music until I die. We just have to get together and talk about it maybe we will decide fuck it lets keep going for 5 more years haha.
What is your dream tour with you guys on the bill?
For me it would be Slipknot headlining Deftones doing direct support then Behemoth then Issues and finally Nails playing right after us haha. It would never happen but that would be sick!!
Gundam or Evangelion?
I’m honestly not super into anime. I’m more nerdy about stuff like science or Lord of the Rings haha.
Anything else you would like to tell the readers before we go?
Yeah thanks to anyone who cared enough to listen to our EP or who was supported us in any way shape or form. This band has been the best time of our lives and it’s our baby. I would be a lot more miserable of a person if Goliath didn’t give me a reason to be artistic so thank you to those who support that.
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