SHDCVLT: Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed. Can you introduce yourselves and what you do in the band for our readers?

My name is Andrew Joseph James Pickett Hosley and i play guitar and do vocals.
Im Shadrach Hosley and i play the bass guitar.
I am Matthew Huffman, and i play guitar.
Im Ben Laman and i play drums.

SHDCVLT: Where any of you guys in other bands before Joeseph Jaymes came to be?

Andrew: I was in a quick punk rock band before this one.

SHDCVLT: And Shadrach, im sure you were in another bands right?

Shadrach: Ive been in plenty of bands, Im the old guy. I’ve been involved in the music scene here in Arizona for over ten years.

SHDCVLT: I understand you guys have been hitting the studio. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Andrew: We have been recording at CRAS the college. We recently finished our first song. We still have 6 tracks to go. The release is called “Sad Songs For Angry People”

Whoarmoans off Sad Songs For Angry People

SHDCVLT: Ben, you attend the conservatory of recording arts correct?

Ben: Yea i engineered the track we recorded, and ill be recording the rest of the EP as well. Im about halfway through the course.

SHDCVLT: I know this band is fairly new, how many shows have you played together so far?

Andrew: Shit, i don’t know, like three? Yea three. Were really fucking fresh.

Matt: But we have been rehearsing a lot just trying to get the set list down.

SHDCVLT: Just from the two songs that i heard you play at Lawn Gnome Publishing, i like what im hearing already. You got this chill southern grunge thing going and i like that alot. What are the influences behind your sound?

Andrew: A Lot of my influences are like classic rock. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana.

SHDCVLT: Whats it like having you dad in the band?

Andrew: Its fucking cool! Were on the same wavelength so the music comes naturally.
Do you feel pretty lucky to have a cool dad like that?

Andrew: Oh yea, im grateful to have a dad that actually supports my music.

Matt: Its a trip seeing how alike they are haha.

Shadrach: That could be a bad thing too haha. It might always be the best thing but we make shit happen. I mean we’re just getting started. We just got a solid lineup, and Andrew has had this dream and he has been writing this music since he was 15 years old.

SHDCVLT: Thats what i was about to say. When i saw you guys play, i didn’t get the vibe that you just came together. I guess the material just sounds seasoned.

Andrew: Most of the songs i wrote in the past couple years when i was spending some time out in Maui which is where im from.

SHDCVLT: No shit, i used to live On Oahu in Waikiki.

Andrew: Oh really. Thats where i was born!

SHDCVLT: Do you miss it?

Andrew: Some parts.

Shadrach: I don’t miss it at all.

Andrew: Yea there is no music, there is nothing for me out there.

SHDCVLT: So are you guys aiming to get on bigger shows and events in the future?

Shadrach: Oh yea, it just takes time. I can see this developing into something major. With Andrews just has the ability to create, and his writing skills are phenomenal. He knows exactly what he wants to do. Hes got 3 guys backing him up that completely support his vision. He pretty much calls the shots and tells us what he needs us to do, and we just say. “Yes sir” and get it done.

SHDCVLT: Thats awesome! Its like a business and Andrew is the boss man!

Shadrach: Yea, hes the boss man! haha.

SHDCVLT: And speaking of business. Andrew, you are literally starting your own business right?!

Andrew: oh yea definitely. Im starting Savage Tactics. Its going to be this universal thing. We will have the clothing line but also Savage Tactics Records with Ben as the producer. Its all in the mix but we will be putting out clothing, music videos, and all kinds of stuff under the name Savage Tactics.

SHDCVLT: Are you screen printing the clothes yourself?

Andrew: Yea but Im pretty new to it. Still getting the technique down and getting my designs together. I will also be able to screen print for the band so we can make some income.

SHDCVLT: Official! What about plans on touring? Can you see this happening in the next few years?

Shadrack: Actually we have been talking about that. Its still really early in the game. We’re working on the product. And were working on getting a buzz going in this town. And once that happens, yea we will start looking into booking a tour.

Ben: We should have the album ready in the next few months.

Andrew: Im shooting for May 30th. Thats my 19th birthday.

Ben: Right now with the booking schedule at CRAS we get like one day a week. So we will be finishing up one song a week. So it should be ready by then.

SHDCVLT: What venues have you performed at so far?

Andrew: The Trunk Space, and Lawn Gnome.

SHDCVLT: I saw the reaction at Lawn Gnome. Everybody loved it. What was the crowds reaction at the other venue?

Andrew: It was cool. It was mostly like my family and friends. And we were the last band so not everybody stuck around but it was cool.

Ben: That place was pretty filled. There were a lot of people. It was hard to see with all the lights flashing and stuff. But when we started playing a lot of people came back in to see us.

Andrew: You said people gave us a good reaction. I didn’t notice that. But now Ben is saying it too. So thats cool.

SHDCVLT: I also noticed that booking agent from Lawn Gnome came up and said you guys kicked ass and he wants to book you again. So thats legit.

Shadrach: Its such an early project that were just now touching down those spinning wheels but it already feels like some big shits gona happen.

SHDCVLT: Oh yea dude. I did not get the vibe you guys just came together at all. You already have a big sound.

Andrew: I’ve known this mother fucker for 10 years now(points at Matthew). Since fifth grade. We have been playing music but this is the first time we have played in a band together. We have always wanted to play music together but for some reason its just now coming together. Then we met this guy on Craigslist (points at Ben) Cuz i rap and shit too, and he was looking for someone to rap over his beats so i was like “ok”

SHDCVLT: Tell me a bit about the hip hop project.

Andrew: Were recording an EP called 6 hits. It got my self, Ben on production, and K Dangerous rapping with me.

SHDCVLT: Damn man so your active. You got the clothing line, the band, the hip hop project. Keep pushing guys. I can see this band going far. I think that about wraps it up. Is there anything else you would like to include for our readers?

Andrew. Well id just like to thank you for taking some time to interview us.

Ben: Keep an eye out for 6 Hits and Sad Songs For Angry People.

Shadrach: I feel like the music Andrew writes might hit home for a lot of folks. This music is his outlet, and as his father i feel like it keeps him somewhat sane. So please check us out!

SHDCVLT: Make sure you check these guys out on facebook!