Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed for my webzine. Could you introduce all the memembers of Outlaw and their position in the band? 
– Hey everyone! I’m Jake Muzikoski, I write and play guitar for Outlaw. Dilan Stameski is also on guitar. Jonah Friberg does bass and Matthew Barry is our vocalist. 
What other bands were you guys in before Outlaw got started,
– I was the drummer for Demolisher. Dilan was the bassist of Villains and Matt was Villain’s first vocalist. He did the Extortion EP.
When and how did the idea for Outlaw come about?
– Dilan and I started talking about Outlaw in December of 2013 and honestly never thought it would get this much attention! haha
When can we expect a tour?!
– Some of us are halfway through college and can only do shows during breaks but we are looking to tour this spring break and early summer.
You recently released and premiered your “Most Wanted” ep through our partners at What an epic ep!! Fucking angry, brutal, and on point. Who recorded and produced it? And how has the response been from fans so far?

– I tracked the guitars and bass in my own studio and sent it to Sam Bottner for mixing and mastering. Vocals and Drums were also done at Sam’s studio. The response has been unreal as a first release and we have gotten nothing but positive feedback! 
Who gets bragging rights for helping you guys get to where u are now?
– Our manager Jacob Ashton of True Initiative Management has seriously helped us get on our feet and promoted the hell out of this band. Much respect goes to him for getting us where we are. Also, having Matthew do vocals is something I think a lot of people in the Chicago scene wanted.
When can we expect some merch!!!
– We are working on some Outlaw street wear and I really think it’s going to be sick. It’ll probably happen in a couple of months. 
If you could go on tour with any bands ever, who would they be? What would be your dream tour?
– I personally would love to have a tour with The Acacia Strain and The Contortionist. Those bands are really sick.
What else can we expect from Outlaw in 2015?
– We are definitely trying to play a good amount of shows/tours and have merch. A lot of 2015 will be spent on writing our debut album and maybe having it released. But we are definitely not trying to rush it. 
As we wrap this up, is there anything else you want my readers to know or check out? And thank you for your time guys!

– Check us out and come see us at shows! We really look forward to releasing a lot more music and playing a lot of shows!