1. Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed for the Super Happy Death Cult webzine. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about what you do. My name is Ryan, but you can all call me GOLDEN. I am a hip hop artist from Phoenix, AZ. I rap and dabble in producing.

2. When did you get started? And how did the name come together? Well I wrote my first raps as a kid and always wrote poetry. I was in metal bands as my first part of this music journey and I was just too shy to show people my stuff, I freestyled a lot around my close friends and they liked it, entually I would get drunk at a few parties and freestyle and a lot of people seemed to fuck with it so I just said fuck it. I started seriously perusing it in like 2015 I think. As for my artist name my real actual name is Ryan Golden Weber. I was named after my great grandfather and his name was Golden. When it came time to think of a name I thought it was just simple and pretty cool. Plus my grandfather was a dope ass dude.

3. Did you mess with any other genres or forms of music before getting into hip-hop and rap? Yes my first instrument was the guitar and I shredded since I was a kid and played in a bunch of metal bands until I was like 22. I can play drums (not like crazy good or anything) as well and also am getting decent at producing my own beats.

4. Who gets bragging rights for helping you get to where you are now? Dude I could write book worth of thank you’s to peeps who have helped me, seriously. My family and friends are great and even down to the randoms who have shown me kindness. Shit so many people man, but there are 2 of them that really stick out. (1)Shout out to my mom Stephanie who is the the definition of a ride or die friend and has had my back ALWAYS even when I was throwing my life away. (2) Would have to be my best friend Jacob Miles SHOUT OUT TO YOU MAN! This dude has been my friend for like going on 6 years and we have done most of our major music together in life. He’s not the hugest fan of rap (or at least the style of rap I do) but when I stopped doing metal he had been picking up how to use Ableton and produce and actually helped me with some of my first vocal recordings, taught me how to use ableton so I could produce, and to this day produces a lot of beats for me, he is like the brains of mixing and mastering and I just give all my ideas help write melodies and direct him into molding what I want in the beat. And that mother fucker, also like my mom has never walked out on me. A geniuine true ass homie. Hahaha not trying to make this too long but also shout out to KIMBERLY LAROWE a promoter and awesome businesswoman from 13th floor entertainment that to this day still coaches me in the music industry and has taught me a shit ton.

5. If you could go on tour with anybody, who would the roster consist of? What would be your dream tour? Man that’s hard dude. My taste for artists change a lot. Um I always thought my dream tour would be me headlining playing to thousands of people every state on tour with some dope ass artists having fun. I just want my “Iron Maiden Crowd” dude, To name a few bands, Probably Like Bones, xxxtentacion with ski mask, maybe suicide boys, and it wouldnt be a party without pouya and fat nick.

6. Where there any significant obstacles or hard times that you had to overcome to get here today? What was the darkest moment in your personal come up? Fuck man, I’ve definitely had a crazy life and I could write you a lot of books on that one. But hands down I would have to say my heroin addiction. I was basically tricked into doing it at a very young age and kept struggling off and on with it. It got in the way of my music big time, in like 2014 I ended up leaving Arizona and going to Aberdeen, Washington to get sober and stay with a friend, eventually got kicked out was sleeping outside (HOWBOWDAH) haha I actually slept underneath Kurt Cobain bridge which was kinda cool. Luckily I made friends with locals and found places to sleep while I worked. I was still fucking with opiates in pill form and ended up going to Los Angeles and had a 6 month sobriety run before moving back to AZ. Then I got the worst I’ve gotten on heroin but I was actually working really hard on my hip hop music at this point. Long story short I overdosed and didnt tell anyone about it got out the hospital and got back to it again, became homeless again right after christmas, It sucked and the music was gone. I ended up getting arrested for some warrants and went to jail for like 3 months. That right there is what saved my life. I went to Dallas Texas after that and saved enough money to build a computer and get my own lil shitty studio setup and its just been all growth from there. Im pretty happy I came out of it, this whole hip hop thing saved my life and I am still sober to this day. I still party tho, just not with the tar.

7. Are there any important video or music releases you have coming out soon that we should know about? So I was recently in this group called KVLT and I actually quit for reasons I don’t wish to disclose. But I have a FUCK TON of material ready to be released I just want to do it right. I actually am in the process of getting a few tracks finalized and will release my solo shit it the next 2 weeks. For now you can check out this Jcole Remix that I destroyed, Its the beat from the song “Fire Squad” Also below that I will give Links to my social media and you should stay tuned for this music im about to brainwash you with!! FOLLOW ME!!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryan.weber.146 (Ryan Golden Weber)
Snapchat: golden_boy666
Soundcloud (again): https://soundcloud.com/golden_666
Twitter (again): https://twitter.com/GOLDENxXx666

8. Any upcoming shows you want to plug? No shows yet since the solo thing is still new. But I will be working with Kim Lawroe from 13th floor to get connected on a lot of shows. SO go follow my social media and you will be updated as everything rises!

9. Where can my readers stream your music and what site is best if they want to follow you? Where are you most active? Right now you can go to my soundcloud, there is not much on there but again A LOT is coming haha bare with me. You can also watch the shit out of that Jcole Slapper if you want!!

10. As we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to include for our readers. Anything important i missed? Not that I can think of. Its a cool opportunity and shout out to Brett Deadly for thinking I was dope enough to be interviewed! Make sure to TUNE THE FUCK IN!!