Thank you for taking some time to be interviewed about your new project Dead Till Monday. Could you please introduce your self to our readers?

We’re just two friends trying to make dope shit.

And your homies name? Who is who on your debut release “All I Ever Wanted”

Poorman u could call him aka young Franco aka spaghetti arms Franco.

Haha awesome. So you must be the beat producer?

Yeah i do all the producing, poorman also produces so im sure you’ll see him hop on some beats in the future.

Sick! When can we expect you guys to start booking shows?

Yooo! We are doing our first show here in sacramento at the end of sept at the colony.


Dope. Thats awesome ill be sure to throw the flyer up on the site when it drops. How about an album or ep? When can we expect something like that?

Working on a Ep, should be dropping sometime in the near future but for now we are gonna drop tracks here and there to try and gain a bigger following.

We will be on the look out for that. Is there anything else you want our readers to know as we wrap this up?

Not really man, just thanks for your time and be on the look out for us!