Thanks for taking some time for an interview! Would u like to introduce your self to our readers? 

No problem! Thanks for giving me the opportunity. My name is Calvin aka Dj Calvycakes aka Dj Studio Man. I’m a Musician, Audio Engineer, Gamer and YouTuber. 

As a freelance audio engineer, where did you receive your education? 

I got my degree at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. I moved down there from Washington for a year just to get an education. 

What was it like at MI. What was the best part about it? And what was the worst part about it?

It was really hands on. The first day you’re doing stuff on $250k+ boards, which is pretty sick. It was also very short. They (try to) cram as much info into you as they can. The Best part about MI was the teachers for sure. They are industry pros, but they are also just cool people. I really miss some of them but I’m still in contact with most of them. The worst part was just being alone at first. It was extremely hard to leave my family and friends back at home, but I made it through and I feel like I’m a better person because of it. There was also some turbulence towards the end of my time there among the staff, which affected everyone. I don’t want to put the place on blast, so I’ll keep my mouth shut on that matter.

You recently produced a single for Extortionist titled “Faithless”. What was the recording process like?

The band had a song and were deciding where to go to get it mixed. They sent the DI and MIDI tracks and gave me some bands to use as an example (Traitors, Black Tongue). So after spending a moment in Skeleton Hell, I pulled myself out and stepped my game up. I spent a few days trying to get the right sounds that I thought would fit the band. I tried to harness the same qualities of the bands they gave me, but not the sound. To me, each band should sound unique. They also wanted me to add dark sounding synths, so I spent a while designing those. I sent it back and they, “started shitting over it” (in a good way). They decided to go with me for the single after that. They only wanted a few small things changed, so what you heard on the final track was very close to what I first sent them.

Are you down to record other genres beside metal and hardcore?

Very much so! I love other kinds of genres. Everything is really easy to mix compared to metal. I really like mixing metal, but damn, it’s so easy to get it wrong. I’ve done Rap, Jazz, Blues, and Rock stuff before. 

What other bands or musicians have you recorded? 

I was going to do an EP for a local metal band back in 2012 but they had a falling out and they kinda went off the map. I do record myself a lot, but not so much recently. I assisted in recording Ric Fierabracci and a couple of his guys at school. Another thing I recorded was a blues guitar player at MI and that was the first recording that I did for another band that actually went public. I did a few other recordings at school but I don’t really count them. Beyond recording, I did live sound for a bunch of rock stars for a benefit concert. Guys like Gilby Clarke, Jack Russell, Lita Ford and Steve Lukather. I assisted in monitors for this super group from Japan called JAM Project. They’re a collection of artists who do songs for popular anime and stuff. The big one I would say is that I mixed a few commercials for Disney. They have a channel called Disney XD and they always pump out new commercials, so I got to do a few of those before I moved home.

Tell me about your Gaming show sludgewave64.

I have a show on YouTube where I play games with my best friend Jared (aka Jay-Sweepz). We are mainly doing play troughs, but we’re going to expand and do other things very soon. We like to do skits as well. We’ve grown a lot considering where we just started a few months ago and I’m so thankful for that. I just want to help people and entertain them; make them feel good and laugh.

I was on and sludgewave64 was on there, but as a band. lol. Sludewave isnt a new genre too is it?

I don’t want to start a genre debate, but I’ve been told that it is. To clear things up, Sludgewave 64 isn’t a band. We just come from a musical background and we like to make funny videos that are guitar related sometimes. Some dude legit asked us if we were going to a prog metal fest in Germany and I was like “bruh we’re a gaming channel lmao.” Also, that song was an Isabelle song, which is a joke project started by myself. Sludgewave (as I understand it) is where you tune down way too low and just play heavy shit the whole time. It has a lot of similarities with Beatdown I guess, I don’t know. Genres don’t matter that much, just listen to whatever you like.

Where do you see your self in ten years?

I have no idea really. I’d like to have a large following on YouTube or own my own studio someday. Both would be sick, but I would be happy with either.

You have been doing some amazing wood burning. Is it safe to say this is your side business? Can you be commissioned to do work on one’s guitar or bass?

Thanks man! I would love to start doing that for a little extra cash. It’s really relaxing for me. If someone can get their guitar body and a design to me, I can give it a go. Just contact me on Facebook or Tumblr (DjCalvycakes). 

As we wrap this up, do you have anything else for our readers? Do you have a message you want them to take home?

Hey, if you like what you hear, and you want your band to work with me, contact me on Facebook or email me at If you’re into gaming videos, check out Sludgewave 64 and if you like it, think about subscribing because it really helps us. If you do subscribe or are already subscribed, Then I can’t thank you enough. I’d also like to thank Brett again for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed.

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