Interview With Blaine Wood Of Advocate

Thanks for taking some time to be interviewed! Could you please introduce your self?

I’m Blaine Wood Guitars @ ADVOCATE

Nice to meet you man! Who are your band mates and what roles do they play?

Nice to officially meet you man! Andrew Wilkins – Guitars, Taylor Chalk – Vocals, Josh McElroy – Drums/Samples, Nils Suebold – Bass

When did you guys form? And where any of you in other bands worth mentioning, before Advocate got started?

Well Andrew and Taylor began doin demos in 2013 and i hooked up with em at a show (we knew each other from previous bands) and then we sorta put the blocks together and grabbed Josh; and we now have Nils completing the lineup. Well i was in Poolside At The Flamingo for a stent, then Andrew and Me were in Shag Harbor. Andrew was also in Forty Winters for a bit. But we’ve all been in multiple bands over the years

Very cool! I received a press release recently stating that you guys will be releasing your debut full length album this Summer through Innerstrength Records. Are you guys currently working on the release? And how is it coming along so far? What can we expect?

Yes! Yeah we’re excited!! We’re actually having our first single mixed/mastered and we’ll be releasing it soon. And we’re currently in and out of the studio recording the album. Its gonna be a bit darker sound for us but still retain that Advocate groove! So it’s coming along great ~

Awesome man. When it drops, where can our readers check it out or get a download?

We’ll be releasing it on most outlets; Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp, etc.. Innerstrength will be handling it, but for now you can check out our current bandcamp –

What is your dream tour. If you could pick from any bands that ever existed for Advocate to tour with. Who would they be?

Well man for me if i could put Us on a tour with MESHUGGAH, DIMMU BORGIR, and THE DILLINGER
Itd blow my mind lol

Oh and throw the DEFTONES in there for sure ha

Other than your band mates. Who else played an important role in helping your band get to where you are today? Who gets bragging rights?

We’ve really pushed ourselves hard and worked our asses off to get where we are now, but we’ve had a few homies help us along the line like Troy from PURE DEATHCORE and all of our homies in the bands we’ve toured with as well as our Dudes at INNERSTRENGTH

Are there any important upcoming tours or important events my readers should be aware of?

We actually have alot of things in the works! We’re doing an eastern run March 18th – 31st w/ WICKED WORLD & ABHORRENT DEFORMITY
We’ll be announcing a couple other runs for this summer too

And our new single “MIDWAYERS” will be released soon ~

As we wrap this up. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know? And thank you so much for your time.

Check us out on tour next month! Look for our Album coming out late Summer on INNERSTRENGTH RECORDS