Here is an example. We should wear these wile we are passing out Compilations next week! Anyways, as you can tell Super Happy Death Cult is converting into a clothing line. I have Snapbacks, 5 Panels, Tees, Hoodies, and so much more in store for this fresh new line. SHDCVLT will still be a blog, but from now on things will be a bit more personal. My admins are still welcome to publish their articles on this site, but ive been in the struggle. And im at a point where i need to turn my blog into a business so i can have a life too. Haha. The struggle is real. On that note. Please stay tuned and check back on me. The site will be in beta for a wile as i figure a few things out. Download 45 beatdown hardcore tracks for free in the music section for the inconvenience.

Interested in getting in on one of our compilations? Contact my marketing department. $10 gets you on 1000 pieces of promotional material that we distribute and pass out for free. – Brett Deadly